Advantages Of A Robotic Lawn Mower

Advantages Of A Robotic Lawn Mower And Why Should You Buy One?

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Advantages Of A Robotic Lawn MowerMany people are aware of robotic mowers. They have either seen these futuristic and capable machines advertised on TV or know someone who is a proud owner of one.

Robotic mowers may still be a new consideration for many, but in the Scandinavian countries they have been used since 1994. In recent years, the advancement in technology means that they are easy to install and maintain, and in addition most models are highly customizable ensuring that your machine is future proof.

If you are considering purchasing a new robotic mower, how do you know this type of mower is the right option for you and your yard? What are the benefits of robotic mowers and why should you buy one?

There are most probably many questions you have, but generally the main point people are concerned about is if they have the necessary understanding to install and maintain a robotic mower.

In this article, I will explain the benefits of a robotic lawn mower and explain why they should seriously be considered over a conventional push lawn mower.

Before we dive into the why I believe robotic mowers are the way to go and and look at the advantages of robotic mowers, I have listed my top pick robotic mowers below.

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Robotic Mowers Save You Lots Of Time

Robotic Mowers Save You Lots Of TimeThere are many advantages of owning a robotic mower, however saving your valuable time is most probably the most important one.

Once your robotic mower is set up, which is easy to do, there is nothing or very little you will need to do in terms of lawn maintenance. Initially you will need to run the perimeter wire around your lawn and do some basic configuration via an app on your mobile phone or tablet to set up the mowing schedule. When this is done (only needed to be done once unless you want to make changes to the mowing schedule or cutting height), you press the “GO” button and then the robotic mower will do all the hard work for you. Imagine the amount of time you will save in terms of not having to mow your lawn on a weekly basis. All you will have to do now, is focus on relaxing and spending time with your family and friends. Just remember that your robotic mower allowed you to do this!

Robotic mowers not only cut the lawn on their own, with no intervention from you, they also save you time in terms of lower maintenance required compared to gas mowers. Robotic mowers will not need to have their oil and spark plugs changed or batteries charged – as this is something they perform automatically on their own in their docking station.

Robotic Mowers Work When Convenient For You

As discussed above, when robotic mowers are initially set up, they will work according to your specific needs and requirements. For example, some homeowners want them to work at night when they do not use the yard, or only during weekdays so they can use the yard for parties at the weekend. Whatever the mowing time set up, it can easily be adjusted from your phone or tablet in seconds. You can also modify other features such as the height of the mowing etc.

Another great feature is that robotic mowers will work even when you are on vacation to ensure that you return to a beautifully maintained lawn.

Robotic Mowers Achieve Better Results

Robotic Mowers Achieve Better ResultsYou might have heard that robotic mowers have better results compared to their push counterparts. But why is this? This is very simple to answer. Robotic mowers do not collect the grass clippings they mulch instead at all times. It means that they cut very small pieces of grass that are returned to the ground, referred to as the mulching process, that naturally fertilizes your grass and provides moisture. There are many benefits to mulching, but in summary, robotic mowers will promote much healthier, thicker, stronger and better-looking lawn compared to their push mower conventional counterparts.

Not only will the lawn look better, robotic mowers through the mulching method eliminate the growth of weeds, lawn disease and the grass turning grown with split ends.

You may have already heard that you should not cut off more than 1/3 of your grass blade’s length, again as the robotic mower in most cases is scheduled to mow every day, you are covered here too.

Robotic Mowers Are Capable Of Reaching Difficult Spots

In general, robotic mowers are smaller than push mowers, therefore they are able to reach difficult areas and spots in your yard that may otherwise not be reached with a push mower. Some models are better at this than others, but they all have intelligent navigation systems that will allow them to maneuver out of tight corners and difficult situations.

Robotic Mowers Are Highly Customizable

What is more, the latest robotic mowers are highly customizable, meaning that you can extend the current features with add-ons to enhance their performance and extend their functionality. I would suggest that you look at these features prior to purchasing your robotic mower, as it is something that should be taken into consideration to provide you with years of trouble-free service. These include Voice Control, Off Limits, GPS Control, Anti-Collision System etc.

Robotic Mowers Are Safer And Easier To Use

Robotic Mowers Are Highly CustomizableMany homeowners are concerned about the safety of robotic mowers. I know that it may not feel safe knowing that you have a robot running around your yard. Well let me reassure you that robotic mowers are actually safer and easier to use compared to their push counterparts. Not because they want to be, but they simply have to be.

Robotic mowers have not only the standard safety features you would expect to find on any gardening equipment, but they have many additional safety features too such as PIN and Alarm system, Lift and Tilt sensors, Bump sensors. These features will ensure that your robotic mower is not used as a toy or stolen while in operation, but most importantly it will ensure that no-one can be harmed while it is on your lawn working.

What is more, if anything happens that should not, the mobile app connection will send you a message, alert or notification to inform and warn you that it has been misused or used when it shouldn’t.

Robotic Mowers Are Higher Initial Investment But Cheaper Than Gas In The Longer Term

Yes, it is true that robotic mowers are not cheap to purchase, they are more expensive compared to cordless or gas mowers.

However, with robotic mowers, you should consider them as a long-term investment. The time you will save not mowing the lawn, not having to change oil, fill up gas, re-charge the batteries as you would with cordless models.

Once the charging station is connected to electricity, the robotic mower will charge itself whenever needed / running low on power. Many robotic mowers have low power consumption and when compared to conventional push mowers are much cheaper to run each season.

Robotic Mowers Ensure That Your Lawn Provides Superior Appearance At All Times

Robotic mowers will work based on your mowing schedule. If you want them to work daily, they will do that with no complaints. You will no longer need to be confronted with a long and unkept grass at the weekend. And what is more if the weather is not great when you have free time to mow the lawn, you will most probably leave it till next weekend, making the issue even worse.

Not with robotic mowers. They work every day and night, sunshine or rain (some have rain sensors). They do not need a rest day. This will ensure that you have your lawn looking exactly how you want it.

Even if you decided to use a lawn maintenance company, they would not be cutting your lawn daily, therefore the results could not possibly be as good.

Robotic Mowers Are Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally FriendlyIncreased number of homeowners are becoming more aware of the environment and their carbon footprint.

As I mentioned above, with robotic mowers you do not collect the grass clippings, therefore there is nothing to dispose off, that would again cost you time and money.

Robotic mowers mulch the grass cuttings, providing natural fertilizer and moisture back to the ground resulting in stronger and healthier lawn. Sounds like a win-win situation to me!

Also, the noise levels are extremely low compared to their gas counterparts. This is the reason you can allow them to mow at night without anyone knowing or complaining. For sure you would not be able to do this with your gas mower!

Probably the most important environmental advantage of a robotic lawn mower is the absence of any carbon fumes that are found with their gas alternatives.

Robotic Mowers Will Reduce If Not Eliminate The Need For Fertilizers And Ensure Healthier Lawn

As already mentioned above, as robotic mowers mulch the grass clippings there is no need to apply synthetic fertilizers to your lawn. The tiny pieces of mulched grass are returned back to the soil providing essential nutrients and moisture to the root system. This promotes much healthier, disease free, greener and denser lawn.

Your lawn will look lush and healthy, with no effort on your part and no money spent on expensive chemical fertilizers, that only provide short-term benefits.


Robotic Mowers Are Environmentally FriendlyAfter reading this article, I am sure that you will agree with me and many other owners of robotic mowers that they are amazingly clever and reliable machines. Not only saving you lots of time but achieving outstanding results. Only with robotic mowers will you be able to ensure that your lawn looks exactly as you want, when you want.

Just remember, if you are in the South of the US you will need to ensure that the robotic mower you choose will be able compatible with your grass type, in particular Tall Fescue, Bermuda and St. Augustine.

Robotic mowers are normally assumed to be purchased mainly by younger, forward thinking people who are good with latest technology.

Well, this is not true anymore. Robotic mowers have wide audience as they would be ideal for busy professionals with work and social commitments, but also older people or people with physical difficulties who do not want or are not able to push heavy push mowers up and down their lawn. Talking about slopes, yes robotic mowers are able to handle slopes too, look at each review prior to purchasing to ensure that the mower you are considering is suitable. You may be surprised to learn that some robotic mowers come with a 4-wheel drive too.

So clearly there are many reasons why you should most definitely consider purchasing a robotic mower.

If you have any questions, please use the comment’s box below and I will be happy to respond.




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