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Manual Mower Vs Robot Mower – Grass Quality

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Seeing as robotic lawn mowers are just starting to break out to the masses and are gradually getting more popular, I imagine there are still quite a few people that are still on the fence about whether or not they’re a worthwhile investment.

Well I want to give you all the little push yous need by showing you this video below.

The YouTube channel SuperHouseTV decided to take up the challenge from Husqvarna in their Test Pilot Programme.

Within this programme the youtuber (Jonathan Oxer) tries out a Husqvarna Automower in his own lawn and records the results, his feeling about the mower and just about anything else he thinks his viewers should see over a set period of time (I think between 4 – 6 weeks).

He has had no prior connections with Husqvarna or any robotic mowers and does not work for them, all he did was send out a video explaining he’d like to try one, applied for the program and got a mower shipped out to him to get started.

He actually has a series of videos showing you his experience, all of which you can see on his channel, but there’s one in particular I want you to see. In the video below he has compared the mowing results of his robotic mower to that of a manual mower.

For the sake of this test Jonathan deliberately left an area of lawn untouched and sectioned off so the robotic mower couldn’t get access to it and therefore couldn’t mow.

By this point he has had the robot mower for about 3 weeks which is usually how long he would wait for the grass to grow before mowing it manually, so you get to see a good comparison between the results seen with both sets of models.

As you can see the grass mowed by the Automower looks much fuller and healthier than that mowed by the manual mower.

This is because of the everyday mowing style used by the robot mower.

As it cuts the grass clippings so small they can filter all the way to the bottom of the soil, where they’ll group together and act as a “carpet” like Jonathan said and then decompose to act as a mulch, making your soil and grass look healthier.

As you just seen these are fantastic machines, they do one hell of a job on your lawn and they’re so much easier to use, so why don’t you save yourself all the bother of manual mowing and pick one up for yourself?

I know you won’t regret the decision so for more information on the Husqvarna mower head over to my review of their 315 model where I go through all of its features, functions and capabilities.

5 thoughts on “Manual Mower Vs Robot Mower – Grass Quality

  1. Hi there,

    I accidentally came across your website and I am glad I did. Frankly, I didn’t even know auto-mowers existed.

    With the summer coming up, we will need to mow our loans (in front and in the backyard of the house) on a regular basis, but all family members work at full-time jobs and doing it manually I find a lot more energy-consuming.

    Our old lawn mower broke, so I will look up the auto-mower. Now, why exactly do you recommend the 315 model?


    1. Yeah sounds like yous really need a robotic lawn mower!

      I only recommended the 315 because it’s Husqvarna’s “middle” model, most of the feature seen on it will be seen the others as well and in my opinion Husqvarna make the best robomowers so I thought it would be best to direct to them. Of course they have different sizes of models so if you’re lawn is too big or too small for the 315 then there are still others to choose from.

      Thanks for the comment and I hope this helps 😉

  2. Hi . Husqvarna makes really good tools . During WW2 they used to make rifles and they had to change to lawnmowers. I use a husqvarna lawn mower (manual) and it works great . From what this article teaches me the robot helps promote a healthier lawn . That i agree with . My lawn is showing signs of lack of nutrients. could be the mower?

    What type of battery those it run on?

    Thank you.

    1. Yeah I think Husqvarna are a great company too and considering how good their robotic mowers are, I imagine the rest of their products are also great.

      And yeah that’s pretty much right, because the robomowers mow so frequently (almost everyday) their grass clippings have to be (and are) very small which at as a mulch which promotes thick and strong grass growth. But in saying that it doesn’t sound like it’s your manual mower that’s causing the lack of nutrients, it actually sounds like a fertilising problem. Make sure you check out my post “Lawn Fertiliser Schedule“, I’ve got some tips and advice here I think will help you out!

      Thanks for the comment and I hope this helps 😉

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