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Best Gas Mulching Lawn Mowers US 2022 – A Helpful Buyers Guide And Reviews

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Guide To Buying The Best Gas Mulching Lawn MowerGas mulching mowers are most popular and efficient way of mowing your lawn. They are slightly more expensive and heavier compared to other powered mulching mowers, but provide a great deal of power to deal with most challenging lawns.

Many gas mulching mowers not only have the option to mulch, but are supplied with up to 4 different cutting options (cut & collect, mulching, side and rear discharge).

Mulching is extremely beneficial for the health of your lawn as it provides moisture and nutrients back to the soil. Not only will your lawn be healthier, greener and thicker it will also prevent lawn weeds and disease. Not to mention that mulching will also save you lots of time and money, no more chemical fertilizers will be needed.

Choosing the right gas mulching mower for you and your yard may seem like a daunting task. In this article I have included what you should look out for when buying a gas mulching mower.

What Is Mulching And Why Is Mulching So Critical For the Health Of Your Lawn?

As we already mentioned mulching returns essential nutrients and moisture back to the soil, promoting a healthier, denser and greener lawn.

Mulching not only provides better results compared to other cutting methods, it is also environmentally friendly and reduces your carbon footprint. You will no longer need to keep stopping to empty your grass catcher bag and dispose of the grass clippings. Furthermore, it will save you time and money as mulching is free organic fertilizer for your lawn.

The expensive chemical fertilizers you might have used previously only benefit your lawn short-term and can be harmful to your lawn if the mixture is not prepared correctly. Not to mention the inconvenience that children and pets will have to keep off the lawn when and after they have been applied.

If you are still not convinced, there are other benefits too. The mulching process not only provides outstanding results, it also prevents weeds and lawn disease.

You most probably are aware that grass is made up of over 80% water. When the grass becomes too dry, it will have devastating results that can easily be seen by the change in color and condition. Another benefit is that mulching provides moisture back to the lawn, which is very important especially during drier seasons.

Best Mulching Gas Lawn Mower List

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What Is Important To Think About When Purchasing A Gas Mulching Mower?

Two Types Of Mulching Gas Mower

Dedicated Mulching Or Multi-Functional Gas MowerYou can purchase a dedicated gas mulching mower, that will provide better mulching results, or a gas mulching mower with additional cutting methods. The latter option will provide diversity and will accommodate the changing seasons and conditions of your lawn.

Sometimes with gas mulching mowers you need to insert a mulching plug at the back of the mower, these can either be supplied with the mower or purchased as an optional extra.  Other gas mowers will have the option to switch between all the cutting methods without having to insert a mulching plug (by using a lever mounted on the deck).

Size Of Your Lawn / Cutting Width

The size of your lawn needs to be compatible with the cutting width of the gas mulching mower.

If you have a large lawn you will be looking to purchase a mulching mower with a cutting width around 21 inches.

If your lawn is on the smaller side, the cutting width should be smaller.

The larger the cutting width the more grass the mower will cut on a single pass, meaning that it will get the job done much quicker.

Of course, you do not want to purchase a mower with a large cutting width for a small lawn, as it would be harder to reach small corners and will be heavier to maneuver around your yard. Not mentioning the larger storage needed.

Cutting Height

Cutting height is another important area to consider. Some gas mulching mowers are provided with as little as 3 cutting height adjustments, where others have extremely generous range up to 10 cutting heights.

Cutting HeightDepending on your lawn maintenance regime and type of grass you have, I would suggest that your gas mower should have around 5 cutting heights at least.

Also consider if you have one lever changing the height of all 4 wheels simultaneously, which is much easier and faster to do, or if you have to adjust each wheel separately. With some gas mulching mowers changing the height is extremely simple and smooth, with others it can feel a little trickier.

When cutting your lawn, do not forget about the 1/3 rule, meaning that you should only cut 1/3 of the total length of the grass during each mowing session. The reason for this is to ensure your grass is less stressed, maintains its moisture and remains healthier.

Mulching Blades

With mulching mowers, the blade has to cut the grass many times before the pieces are small enough to be returned to the ground. It means that the blade will become dull quicker compared to other cutting methods. Although gas mulching mowers are provided with good quality steel blade, the blade will still need to be sharpened or replaced periodically. Replacement blades are cheap and easy to replace. Sharpening can be done by anyone with basic DIY skills.

Before purchasing your gas mulching mower, you should check the availability of the replacement blades (not an issue with most manufacturers).

Just remember, that a blade on a mulching machine is designed differently to a mower that doesn’t have a mulching ability.

Other Cutting Features

As already mentioned above many gas mulching mowers provide flexibility of up to 4 different mowing features from the most common “cut & collect”, to “mulching”, “side discharge” and “rear discharge”.

What may be suitable for my yard may not be suitable for yours, but prior to purchasing your mower consider what other cutting features, if any, you may require.


What Is MulchingIt is not a secret that gas mowers are not the lightest mowers available on the market. If your lawn is large or you have physical difficulties then considering a gas mower with self-propulsion is likely to be a good idea. Of course, they are going to be a little more expensive.

When considering self-propulsion, also consider if you need a variable speed option. Basically, this means that you can adjust the speed of the gas mower to suit your walking pace. There is nothing worse than feeling that the mower is running away from you. This feature is also convenient when mowing up or down a slope, where you may want to reduce the speed.

Vertical Storage

This feature is most probably not important for most, but if you are short of storage space you may want to purchase a gas mulching mower with this option. Basically, it means that the mower is folded flat and then can be tilted on its rear wheels for reduced vertical storage. This can be seen on the Craftsman 11A-U2V2791.

Larger Rear Wheels

Many gas mowers have the same size wheels, but there are some with much larger rear wheels. Why is this? Larger rear wheels will provide more stability and better grip for your gas mulching mower. As a result, maneuvering your mower will become easier with less effort required.

Hose Wash Port

This feature is not known by many homeowners. To be honest with you not many gas mowers have this feature. In summary, it means that you can connect your gas mower to your garden hose for easy cleaning. This wash port cleaning process will ensure that your mower’s deck is clean and debris free and the blade remains sharp and in the best possible condition.

Of course, this is not a must as it can be done manually, but for sure another nice to have feature.

Electric Start

Best Gas Mulching Lawn Mower ConclusionOn a few domestic gas mulching mowers you will have the option of an electric start.

This option is in addition to the recoil start. If you do not have the physical ability to pull the cord to start the engine multiple times, or simply find it easier just to push a button to start your beast, then you should definitely consider this option. There is no denying that a gas mulching mower with this feature will be around 15% more expensive.


You can see that there are many reasons why you should consider purchasing a gas mulching mower.

Of course, there are electric, cordless, robotic and manual push mowers with the mulching ability too, however the gas mower is undoubtedly the most powerful and effective on the market.

Once you have chosen your gas mulching mower, you will soon start to see all the benefits mulching provides including healthier, greener and denser lawn.

If you have any questions you would like to ask, feel free to use the comment’s box below – I will be happy to respond. Alternatively, you can head over to my easy-to-use lawn mower selection tool to quickly and easily shortlist your perfect gas mulching mower, by clicking the image link below.


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