EGO Power+ LM2130SP Review – 21″ 56-Volt Cordless Lawn Mower

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EGO Power+ LM2130SP Review
EGO Power+ LM2130SP Review
Performance/Cut Quality
What I Like
Smart self-propelled drive
3-in-1 mowing function
Adjustable Ergonomic Handles for Comfort
7 cutting heights
Vertical storage thanks to a folding handle and design
What I Don't Like
No roller for striped lawn appearance
All fabric catcher bag, prone to damage and dust (better for circulation)
Doesn’t come with battery or charger
My Overall Rating


EGO Power+ LM2130SP Review

Have you ever found yourself wondering if there would ever be a viable alternative to gas powered mowers? If you’re anything like me, this is something you’ll have been waiting for. But the wait is finally over as EGO Power brings us this high-end, powerful EGO Power+ LM2130SP self-propelled cordless lawn mower that knocks its gas cousins out of the ballpark.

Most cordless mowers make use of a 4.0Ah battery, 5.0Ah at the highest end, but this EGO lawn mower blasts them out of the water with its incredible 7.5Ah battery that boasts amazing power and run time. Moreover, this is coupled with a high efficiency brushless motor and a world of features that I simply cannot wait to tell you about.

So, let’s down tools for a moment because by the end of this EGO Power + LM2130SP review, you’ll be clamoring to get to the store to get your hands on this little beauty!

Let’s take a closer look!

Main Features

  • Variable speed self-propelled drive
  • 21 inch cutting deck
  • 3-in-1 mowing options
  • Multi-blade system
  • 7 cutting heights
  • Folds flat
  • 2 bushel grass catcher bag

Power System And Battery

EGO Power+ LM2130SP Power System And Battery

Gas mowers have always been seen as the most powerful and up until very recently, they have been. But after years of development and precise engineering, EGO Power created a lawn mower that was designed to outperform. And boy, does it do it well.

The brushless motor is a must in any modern tool as it offers a great lifespan and much smoother and quieter operation. But this is met with a powerful 56 v ARC Lithium 7.5Ah battery. OK, it’s not included with the product, neither is the battery charger but come on, not everything in life is free. When using the recommended battery, you’ll get up to 60 minutes of runtime from a single charge. What’s more, if you invest in the rapid charger, it’ll only take 60 minutes to get a full charge. That said, there is the option to use a slightly less powerful battery, which is great news because this mower is able to power share with other tools from the range. If you already own one of these tools and want to use the same battery, that’s not an issue.

EGO Power+ Battery Run Time & Coverage

Battery Size Run Time Square Ft Coverage
2.5Ah 20 minutes 3590
4.0Ah 35 minutes 5740
5.0Ah 45 minutes 7180
7.5Ah 60 minutes 10800
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EGO Power+ LM2130SP Video


In terms of how this mower compares to a gas model, I have to say that I was incredibly surprised by how it measured up. It has been designed to outperform gas but how well it achieves this is just beyond belief, almost.

For example, it comes with  a self-propelled drive. If you have a larger yard then this is so important because it can get tiring pushing around a heavy mower, and the whole point of modern tech is to make life easier, is it not? But what’s really great is that this self-propelled drive is variable between 0.9mph and 3.1mph, so you can set the speed to a way that feels comfortable for you.

This is all done with Touch Drive technology that gives the user quick and easy access to a single dial that turns the speed up or down.

Deck And Blade

EGO Power+ LM2130SP Deck And Blade

Going on from how well this mower performs, it is hard to ignore the Select Cut multi blade system that immaculately goes above and beyond what any other mower could do. The system features interchangeable dual blades that each has its own purpose. They can be used together or quickly switched up, depending on how you want to mow.

The first blade is the premium mulching blade, which gives you a cut that is just like that of a high-range gas mower. This is perfect for weekly lawn maintenance. The second blade is the premium bagging blade and this chops the clippings up into fine particles for either bagging or mulching.

But in addition to these lower blades, the mower boasts a third upper blade that further cuts the grass into finer fragments. The result? One of the best cutting performances out there!

This mower features a 21 inch composite cutting deck which is durable and reliable. What’s more, it is fitted with bright LED headlights to illuminate your cutting path if you are cutting at dawn or dusk.

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Cutting Diameter

The EGO Power+ LM2130SP lawn mower has a cutting width of 21” which is extremely generous and would work well for medium to large yards. Ideally, this mower is suited to any area up to around half an acre.


EGO Power+ LM2130SP Practicalities

If you are short on storage space, this EGO Power+ LM2130SP lawn mower has an innovative design that is perfect for saving storage space.

Compared to other mowers of this specification, the EGO allows you to save up to 70% storage space thanks to the handles that slide down and fold completely flat, allowing for super handy vertical storage.


This self-propelled model features rear wheel drive which is great if you are looking for a good level of traction. The mower offers great stability allowing you to mow in much straighter lines. If you are after a neat finish, this is of the utmost importance. This is also great if your yard has hills or slopes.

Grass Catcher Bag

With such a large and effective lawn mower, you are bound to need a bigger grass catcher bag and you aren’t going to be disappointed with this one. With a 2 bushel capacity you will have plenty of space to store the clippings while you mow the lawn meaning that you won’t need to stop anywhere near as frequently.

Height Adjustment

EGO Power+ LM2130SP Practicalities

The excellence of this lawn mower almost knows no bounds and you’ll notice that it benefits from a choice of seven cutting heights. This gives you greater freedom when it comes to choosing how you want to cut your lawn and the heights can be easily moved through using the single height adjustment lever. Choose from one of the seven settings between 1.5” and 4” and go on your way, it’s really that simple.


Mulching is not a function that is seen in all cordless mowers, but as you’d expect with something this mighty, it is, of course, one of the main selling points.

The ability to mulch means that your grass will get an essential nutrient boost every time you mow, therefore improving its quality. That mulching blade I discussed earlier is just the thing to get the job done correctly. Moreover, there is the option to use side discharge if you want to deliver the clippings out of the way of the mowing path.


Before I go on to say anything else, I have to point out that this mower has a very impressive 5 year tool warranty. Now, I’m pretty confident that not much is going to go wrong with a mower that has been years in the making, but it’s a comfort to know you are covered if anything were to happen.

Everything about this mower is simple and very user friendly. Aside from it being remarkably heavier than other mowers, you have to keep in mind that this is a self-propelled cordless, so it is going to weigh more. Other than that, it glides around the lawn beautifully and all of the controls are easy to access.

While this may be a larger mower, it is very easy to store thanks to its ability to fold completely flat between uses. The handle is also made from lightweight, yes incredibly durable, aluminium which is weatherproof and reliable.

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EGO Power+ LM2130SP User Manual

Click here to access the EGO Power+ LM2130SP user manual.

What’s Included In The Box?

  • 1 x EGO Power+ LM2130SP 21-Inch lawn mower
  • 1 x battery charger
  • 1 x mulching plug
  • 1 x side discharge chute
  • Grass catcher bag
  • Instruction manual

Pros and Cons

  • 21” cutting width for larger yards
  • Powerful self-propelled cordless mower
  • Adjustable Ergonomic handles for comfort
  • Variable speed drive
  • 3-in-1 mowing function
  • Great alternative to gas
  • Long running time if used with recommended battery
  • Good choice of cutting heights
  • Dual Interchangeable blades
  • Vertical storage thanks to a folding handle and design
  • Power share batteries
  • No roller for striped lawn appearance
  • All fabric catcher bag, prone to damage and dust (better for circulation)
  • Doesn’t come with battery or charger


Should You Buy This Model?

EGO Power+ LM2130SP Conclusion

I am so enthused by this lawn mower that it would be easy for me to just tell everyone to go and grab one for themselves, but of course, there are going to be yards that are better suited to this model. For example, if you have a much bigger lawn then this would be perfect for you. Those with smaller yards may find it too big.

Of course, this mower is not cheap and it will depend on your budget. There are other more affordable models on the market, which will also get the job done, however they do not compare in terms of performance, build quality and features provided.

The EGO Power Select Cut lawn mower would be ideal for anyone who is looking for a good alternative to gas. This isn’t some cheap knock-off hoping to woo you with fancy features or gimmicks. Instead, this is a well-researched, well-developed, and well-executed piece of machinery that, for the first time, could be an excellent replacement for that rusty old gas mower in your shed.


I don’t think I have ever been quite as excited by a lawn mower, at least, not recently. But when I saw the power and performance of the EGO Power mower, it stopped me in my tracks. The many ways in which you can mow and the superior blade system mean that this is a lawn mower that really does boast quality and reliability.

Cordless models have the downside of running out of juice before the mow is complete but with 56v 7.5Ah batteries and a 60 minute run time, this problem is a thing of the past. Quite simply, this could be the future of mowing.

Where should I purchase this EGO Power+ LM2130SP?

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SAVE $27.45
EGO Power+ LM2130SP 21-Inch 56-Volt Cordless Select Cut Lawn Mower with Touch Drive...
  • Select Cut multi-blade system delivers customizable cutting performance
  • Touch Drive self-propelled technology puts complete control in the palm of your hands
  • Up to 60 minutes of runtime on a single charge with the recommended 56V 7.5Ah ARC Lithium battery (available separately)
  • Delivers up to 7.0 ft-lbs of cutting torque for power and performance that exceeds gas-powered mowers
  • High-efficiency brushless motor delivers long runtimes, low vibration, and lifelong durability
  • Variable speed self-propel: .9 MPH – 3.1 MPH

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