Sun Joe MJ404E-360 Review – 360-Degree Turning Radius Electric Lawn Mower

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Sun Joe MJ404E-360 Review
Sun Joe MJ404E-360
Performance/Cut Quality
What I Like
360 degree front wheel for tight turns.
Large rear wheels.
Easy to store.
Fill indicator on the grass box.
What I Don't Like
3 wheels a wheel makes it less stable.
Small grass box.
This is a narrow mower, will take time to cut a medium-sized lawn.
My Overall Rating

Sun Joe MJ404E-360 Review


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The Sun Joe MJ404E-360 corded lawn mower has a 16” deck that is suitable for small to medium-sized lawns around 1/8 Acre and is supplied with a 9.25 gallon grass collection bag. The mower has a 12-amp electric motor and single front wheel that turns 360 degree to allow for tighter turns. There are 4 cutting heights on this Sun Joe MJ404E-360 16 inch from 1.2 inch to 2.4 inch and it includes safety features to prevent accidental starting. This is a light-weight model at just 24.3 lbs that will fold down into a small and compact package for easy storage.

Sun Joe has done away with one wheel, to make this three-wheeling mower for improved handling. A 12- amp motor and 16 inch blade makes this machine perfect for small to medium-sized lawns.

Key Features

  • Rating: 9.5 /10
  • Lawn Size: Small to Medium
  • Power: 12-Amp Motor
  • Deck Size: 16 Inch
  • Number of Cutting Heights: 4 (1.2″ – 2.4″)
  • Weight: 24.3 Pounds

Deck Size

The deck on this Sun Joe MJ404E-360 is 16 inches wide, and the cutting width a little over 14 inches. But one less wheel means that you can overlap a path and the lawn and cut all the grass between. The deck is plastic, as is the rest of the mower’s case.


A 12-amp motor powers the 3-wheeler with ease and is large for the blade on the machine. Even tall wet grass will struggle to slow this mower down. This unit would even compete with a small gasoline mower.

Sun Joe MJ404E-360 Power


The blade is 14.2 inches across and made from steel. The blade can be re-sharpened, and with a fresh edge will make smooth cuts through long and thick grass. This model uses a lifting blade to perform sharper cuts and reach more grass with each rotation.

Height Adjustment

The Sun Joe MJ404E-360 has 4 height positions to choose from. A single lever on the rear-right-side of the mower adjusts the height and controls all four wheels at the same time. The deck level starts from 1.2 inches and rises up to 2.4 inches.

Roller (Stripes)

This model does not come with a striper, nor does the manufacturer make one. But it may be possible to find an aftermarket roller or striper with a universal attachment.

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Grass Box

The grass box needs some assembling and consists of a mesh bag with solid plastic lid. There is also a solid plastic handle on the lid to make it easier to lift the box out from the back of the machine. This grass box has a 9.25-gallon capacity, and the lid has a small panel that shows when the bag is full.


This Sun Joe MJ404E-360 mower does not mulch, but you can use it without the clippings box, and the safety lid down.

If mulching is an important feature for you, then you may want to look a mower that has a dedicated mulching blade and mulching plug.

Sun Joe MJ404E-360 Power

Safety Features

There is a safety lock button on the main power control unit. Pressing this button releases the throttle control.

Overloading the motor activates an internal cut off switch, which cuts power to the motor if the blade hits something solid like a tree root. The motor resets the overload switch after two minutes of waiting for additional safety.

Design and Build Quality

The front-wheel has its benefits, but are four wheels are better than three?

Yes, this Sun Joe MJ404E-360 has a unique single front wheel that turns 360 degrees to make it practically a zero turn mower, very nice.

There is a slight down-side however, just like a 3 wheeled car this mower is not as stable as a 4 wheeled mower. If your lawn is level with no steep inclines and humps, then this will not be an issue, just something worth noting.

And when it comes to storage, the bar folds at two sets of pivots to get down to the surface area of the deck. There are also several handrail heights that the operator can choose from, to make pushing the machine more comfortable.

Sun Joe MJ404E-360 Video

To get an idea of how this Sun Joe MJ404E-360 mower looks, take a look at the video below.


From a power to blade size perspective, this is an efficient machine with a respectable blade for a small yard. A swivel wheel at the front of the mower makes it much easier to drive around a lawn. Though in thick grass, the driver will still find themselves lifting the front wheel to get around tight corners.

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Sun Joe MJ404E-360 User Manual

Click here to access the Sun Joe MJ404E-360 User Manual

Pros and Cons

  • Lightweight
  • 360 degree front wheel for tight turns.
  • Large rear wheels.
  • Wide lifting blade.
  • Fill indicator on the grass box.
  • Comfortable dual grip, vertical and horizontal grip positions. Deck clearance to cut grass over the crest of a pathway.
  • Easy to store.
  • Compact
  • 3 wheels a wheel makes it less stable.
  • Small grass box.
  • This is a narrow mower, will take time to cut a medium-sized lawn.


Should You Buy This Model?

Sun Joe MJ404E-360 Conclusion

This mower will suit a specific type of yard, one with a lot of twists, turns, and a few obstacles between them. It has power and a decent blade, the issue is the front wheel, and there is the obvious point that it makes the mower less stable.

And when it comes to turning in tight circles — it does work if you go slow. The handlebar is also well- thought-out, and being able to adjust the height will make it comfortable for most people to drive it. This is one of the lightest mowers I have seen and easy to lift.

The Sun Joe MJ404E-360 Review – 16-Inch 12-Amp 360-Degree Turning Radius Electric Lawn Mower is ideal for those that:

  • People with a small to medium sized yard (5,000 square feet or less).
  • Those that require a compact 16” cutting width.
  • Those that require a mower that can turn sharply and has good maneuverability.
  • People with level lawns with no steep slopes.
  • Those looking for a quieter option to a gas mower.
  • Those that require a powerful 12 amp motor for longer/thicker lawns.
  • Those looking for great value for money.
  • People that require a mower that folds down for easy storage.
  • Those looking for an easy to operate electric corded mower.
  • People who require a comprehensive 4 year warranty.

Where should I buy this Sun Joe MJ404E-360?

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Sun Joe MJ404E-360 16-Inch 12-Amp 360-Degree Turning Radius Electric Lawn Mower, Green
  • Front wheel swivels 360 degrees for tight turns and close cuts around trees, flower beds and shrubs.
  • 4-Position ADJUSTABLE cutting Height: 1. 2 in. - 2. 4 in.
  • Grass bag capacity: 9. 25 gallons
  • Cutting width: 14. 2 in.

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Is the Sun Joe MJ404E-360 a cordless model?

No this is a corded electric lawn mower.

What is the cutting width of the Sun Joe MJ404E-360?

14.2 inches.

How many cutting heights does the Sun Joe MJ404E-360 have?

4 cutting heights from 1.2 inches to 2.4 inches.

How big is the grass bag on the Sun Joe MJ404E-360?

9.25 gallons.

What is the benefit of having 3 wheels on the Sun Joe MJ404E-360?

The front wheel turns 360 degrees to allow close cuts and tight turns around flower beds, trees and shrubs.


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