Lawn-Boy 17734 Review – Gas Powered Lawn Mower

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Lawn-Boy 17734 Review
Lawn-Boy 17734
Performance/Cut Quality
What I Like
Adjustable Cutting Height
3-Year Engine Cover
Electric Start
No Need to Change the Oil
Mulching Capability
What I Don't Like
No Stripe Roller
Small Back Wheels
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The Lawn-Boy 17734 is the latest and greatest in self-propelled lawn movers. Powered by a Kohler 149cc XTX engine that the manufacturer states will never need an oil change. The XTX has an acceptable 6.5 ft/lbs of gross torque, fine for fine-tuning grass on a regular basis. This is a complete kit with a mulch bag; Lawn-Boy 17734 will make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood.

The Lawn-Boy is suitable for lawns up to 1 acre. This is a popular choice for small homeowners and older individuals. The electric start and low vibration engine take much of the strain out of trimming the grass. The noise restrictions set on the engine, also make the 17734 one of the quieter mowers available.

The XTX engine propels the mower forward by powering the rear wheels. The motor also spins the tri-cutting blade. The blade is designed to not only cut the grass, but also to mulch, and jet the grass into the mulch bag. The bag has a 2-bushel (18.6-gallon) capacity, which should be more than enough for most lawns.

The grass can leave the mover in two ways. In a bag or sent out of the machine. Depending on whether you want a pristine lawn or prefer to re-fertilize your lawn. The manufacturer also covers the mover with a 3-year Tru-Start commitment and 2- Year full warranty. In this Lawn-Boy 17734 review, we look at all the best, and some of the issues with the machine.

In this review of the Lawn-Boy 17734 you will learn what this gas powered lawn mower is all about, its good features and if there are any not so good features. By the end of this review you will know if this gas mower is right for you and your yard.

Key Features:

  • Low Maintenance
  • Lightweight 75 lbs
  • 21” Diameter Deck/ Blade
  • Bushel Bag
  • 3-ways to Discharge the Grass
  • Quick-Start Electric
  • No Oil Change Required
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • 3-year Tru-Start Cover
  • XTX OHV Engine
  • Adjustable Wheel-Height

To give you a visual representation of the Lawn-Boy 17734 please watch the video below:

Power System/Engine

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Kohler started 140 years ago making farming equipment, before moving on to engines for small and large machines. Kohler Power is near to celebrating 100 years of manufacturing domestic and industrial power plants. Lawn-Boy chose the XTX for its reliable starts and light-weight design. The manufacturer has so much faith in their build quality that they have added 3 years of Tru-Start cover to the motor. This means that the manufacturer will fix it for free if, in that period and under normal conditions, you take more than 3 attempts to start the engine.

The Lawn-Boy has an electric starter, so there is no messing about with pull cords. Twist the ignition key, and the engine will start with ease. For a gas engine, it is quiet and clean, using CARB compliant technology to follow environmental standards. The XTX is a 4-stroke 149cc engine, meaning that there is no mixing oil with fuel the opposite to a 2-stroke.

This mower is also available without the electric start option (Lawn-Boy 17732 ). This Lawn-Boy 17732 mower is very easy to start via the recoil cord and Lawn Boy will fix for free if you can’t start the mower in two pulls. Naturally the non electric start version of this mower costs less and is a real option to consider.

Non Electric Start version of this mower is shown below:-

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Self-Propelled Drive

The Lawn-Boy 17734 is a self-propelled mower. Having the XTX push the mover takes much of the chore out of trundling around a yard. The rear-wheel-drive system helps to carry the mover and a full laden bag of grass, up inclines in the yard. The rear wheels are also larger than the front, set at the center of gravity to ensure the most traction when loaded. If the lawn is wet when you are trying to cut it, the motor may struggle. For normal use, the XTX engine is more than enough to pull itself and a load to an area for disposal of grass.

Height Adjustment

It is rare for yards to be perfect and flat, so Lawn-Boy has installed wheel-height adjusters. The 2-position lever lets you control the height of the steel-deck above the level of the grass. This is to help the machine get over deeper lawns or solid obstacles such as flagstones. Being a mower designed for smaller yards, the wheels are smaller (Front 7”, Rear 8”) than some other machines, but this is still a capable mower. There are also 6-positions of height that you can cut the grass at, from 1.25” to 3.75”. Flexible and simple to personalize, everyone has their own preference of grass height.

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Cutting Diameter and Features

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The Tri-Cut blade is designed with several functions of cutting, mulching, and shifting. The blade is a respectable 21” (53 cm) across. This means that with the Lawn-Boy 17734, you must make fewer passes to complete the whole lawn. The sharp blade, variable height, and steel deck all contribute to giving you confidence when cutting the lawn.

  • Mulching Capability
  • Self-Propelling
  • Deep Steel Deck
  • 21” Diameter Blade

Roller (Stripes)

For a true mowing enthusiast, stripes are important; they display to everyone that you have a fresh cut lawn. Stripes make a lawn uniform, pristine. The Lawn-Boy 17734 does not have a roller, but it does have a lawn mat. The mat is set under the grass bag and drags the lawn behind the mower to give each blade of grass a single orientation. This method works on thin grass, and some users may not find it as effective as a roller.

Grass Box

The grass box for the Lawn-Boy 17734 is, in fact, a strong fabric bag. Up to 2 bushels or 18.6 gallons of cut-off will fit in the bag before it needs emptying. The blades of the mower mulch the grass before sending them into the bag. Mulching increases the compactness and reduces the frequency of the bag needing emptying. The bag is fast to empty and designed to release all the collections in one clump, without the need to vigorously shake the bag.


If collecting and disposing of the grass is not your thing, then there are three options:

  • Side Vent
  • Mulching
  • Collection Bag

The mover has a side vent. The blades blow grass clippings out into the yard, dispersing them for the yard to use as full. The mulching setting will dice up the grass into smaller lengths then blend them into the lawn. The stripe mat will then drag the clippings in the same direction of the grass, making them undetectable from a distance.

Safety Features

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Lawn-Boy’s mower is a powerful machine with large-sharp blades. The mower has a key ignition positioned away from the control handle to prevent accidental starting by children or an adult. The steel deck is strong and will shield you from any stone chipping that happens to be lifted by the blade as it spins. The variable height setting also means you can keep the mover close to the ground to avoid running over any toes.


Lawn-Boy has designed a multi-purpose blade, made sharp, and efficient. The blade will cut the grass and blow it to the desired area while mulching it. This mode will work better on dry grass, but the concept is sound. The results are fine clippings that assume less space in the collection bag or show up less when dispersed over the lawn. Collected mulching is also good for composting.

Lawn-Boy 17734 Lawn Mower User Manual

Click here for the Lawn-Boy 17734 Lawn Mower User Manual

What’s Included in the box?

  • The Lawn-Boy 17734 Lawn Mower
  • Grass Cuttings bag
  • Rear Lawn Mat

The mower will need basic assembly on arrival.

Pros and Cons

  • Adjustable Wheels
  • Adjustable Cutting Height
  • Rear Wheel Drive, Self-Propelled
  • Electric Start
  • Adjustable Handle Height
  • Large Collecting Bag
  • Large Diameter Blade 21”
  • No Need to Change the Oil
  • 2-Year Guarantee
  • 3-Year Engine Cover
  • Mulching Capability
  • Lawn Stripe Mat
  • Low Emission
  • Small Back Wheels
  • No Stripe Roller


Should You Buy This Model?

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This is a great machine for smaller yards, anything from 0.5 up to a 1-acre lawn is the sweet spot for this mower. The guarantee takes the worries away from possible issues with a machine such as this which are often engine related. The capabilities of the 17734, compete with many of the other similar self-propelling lawnmowers out there. Though other models from Lawn-Boy, such as the 17730 that need pushing have an 11” rear wheel. The simple answer is buy it, and if for no other reason, the long warranty period.


The Lawn-Boy 17734 is a great machine for the average-sized yard; it does everything you would want a domestic lawnmower to do. There is another mower that has greater functionality and stronger cutting power, but they come with a higher price. The 6 levels of lawn height and 2 modes of wheel height give you a great amount of choice to personalize the way your lawn is cut. The best idea is being able to mulch the grass and dispense it via a side vent into the yard.

Reusing the grass is good for the environment, since the lawn will need less fertilizer, and you will not be helping fill up landfills. The striping mat on the back of the machine is going to work on moist grass, but if you want to get prominent stripes, you will need a roller. The lawn roller that fits the 10732 should also fit the 17734, though attaching it will need a little skill, and it may not be a perfect fit.

The promise of a free repair on a 3-start-issue is an encouraging enticement to buying the Lawn-Boy 17734. That combined with a full 2-year warranty are good indications that Lawn-Boy has a lot of faith in their machines. The problems of a small engine will be on wet grass or if you have a steep yard. The Lawn-Boy 17734 is a cut above the rest.

Where Should I buy this Lawn-Boy 17734

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Non Electric Start version of this mower is shown below:-

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Will it Work on Wet Grass?

Yes! But there is an increased chance that the machine will get clogged up. Wet grass clumps together and sticks to the inside of any lawn mowers decks.

Can I Adjust the Handle?

Yes! The handrail has two settings to make users of different heights more comfortable.

Do I Need to Add Oil to the Fuel?

No! As we said at the top of this Lawn-Boy 17734 review. This is a 4-stroke engine only put normal gasoline in it. The engine oil level does need to be checked before each use, but there should be no need to change the oil, ever.


Mulch, Bag, Side Discharge
3-in-1 Ready, Side-Discharge Optional, No Tools Required

Bagger Capacity
2 Bushels

Engine 149cc

Cutting System


Bagging System

Self-Propel System
Variable Speed RWD

Cutting Width
21″ (53 cm)

Deck Material

Height of Cut
6 Position 1.25” – 3.75” (3.1 cm – 9.5 cm)

Adjustable, Two-Position

Height of Cut Adjustment

Wheel Height
7″ (17.75 cm) Front / 8″ (20.3 cm) Rear

75 lbs (34 kg) Protection Status

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