LawnMaster GV1212B Review – Scarifier and Dethatcher 13-Inch 12AMP

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LawnMaster GV1212B Review
LawnMaster GV1212B Scarifier and Dethatcher 13-Inch 12AMP
What I Like
Great for small/medium sized yards with a 12 inch cutting path
Very user friendly
Lightweight and easy to maneuver
Good power at 12Amp
Compact storage
Great range of cutting heights
What I Don't Like
Misleading cutting width and deck sizes (13″ deck – 12″ working width)
Collection bag is a little small
Right handed operation only
My Overall Rating

LawnMaster GV1212B Review


The LawnMaster GV1212B is a lightweight and easy to use 2 in 1 tool designed for removing thatch and aerating your lawn. Compared to other tools within the same category, this one is a lot more user friendly and ideal for people who don’t want to waste time or effort when tending to their yard.

The easy to change blades make switching between scarifying and dethatching a breeze while the safety features ensure safe and comfortable use. Designed for mid-sized lawns, the LawnMaster GV1212B will turn what could have been a very labor intensive job into something much more manageable.

In this LawnMaster GV1212B review, I’ll be looking at what makes the tool special and helping you to figure out whether it’s the right piece of equipment for your yard.

Main Features

  • Corded electric
  • 2 in 1 scarifier and dethatcher
  • 12 amps
  • 19 cutting heights
  • Safety button and switch
  • Foldable handles


One of the things that really appealed to me about the LawnMaster GV1212B was how easy it is to move around. If you’ve previously been using a gas powered tool then you’ll know how cumbersome these can be and if you don’t have a good amount of physical strength then they can be incredibly tiring to lug around the yard.

But with the LawnMaster GV1212B’s sturdy wheels, it’s one of the most delightful pieces of equipment on the market in terms of maneuverability. It’s also very stable with large 6.7 inch wheels at the front.

Where power is concerned, this 12 amp corded electric tool runs at 3400 rpm so you’ve got a decent amount of power for most conditions. However, if you need something that’s slightly more powerful then there is the upgraded Lawnmaster GV1314 which runs at 3700 rpm. This one also has a wider cutting width at 14 inches so is better if your yard is a little larger.

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LawnMaster GV1212B Blades

The LawnMaster GV1212B is a 2 in 1 dethatcher and scarifier. As such, it comes with two interchangeable blade cylinders which are really easy to switch as you need them. They sit under a robust plastic cover so they’re well protected, giving them a longer service life.

Height Adjustment

If there’s one thing that really jumped out at me about the LawnMaster GV1212B, it was that the number of cutting heights is one of the most versatile out there. With a total of 19 positions across the two cylinders, the LawnMaster GV1212B is a tool that is perfect for a wide range of terrains and conditions.

Both of the cylinders can be set between -0.39 inches and 0.19 inches and this is done using a simple lever so there’s no complicated processes; you can just set the height and get on with the job.

Deck Working Width

The LawnMaster GV1212B comes with a 13 inch deck but keep in mind that this doesn’t represent the cutting width which is actually only 12 inches. I mean, that’s not a terrible thing but it can be a little misleading. For medium sized lawns, this is the perfect size.

Again, I have to mention that there is a larger version of the same tool; the Lawnmaster GV1314 which has a cutting width of 14 inches.

Collection Box Capacity

The LawnMaster GV1212B comes with a 7.4 gallon collection bag. This could do with being a little larger considering the size of the machine but it’s certainly sufficient.

I really like that the collection bag is foldable so that, when it comes to storing your LawnMaster GV1212B, it isn’t going to take up a huge amount of space.


LawnMaster GV1212B Practicalities

With powered yard equipment, you can never be too careful. There is always the risk of an accidental start up which could result in a nasty injury and a trip to the ER. But with the dual safety button and switch, this risk is minimized with the LawnMaster GV1212B.

I mentioned that the collection bag folds down for easy storage and this is coupled with an easy fold handle so the tool is as compact as possible when it’s time to put it in the garage. Even if you’re limited on space, it won’t be a problem.

Getting started is super simple and fast. If you’ve only ever used gas tools then you’ll find the LawnMaster GV1212B a breeze. What’s more, it’s super lightweight.

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What’s Included In The Box?

  • 1 x LawnMaster GV1212B
  • Dethatcher blade
  • Scarifier blade
  • Cable clips
  • Collection bag
  • User manual


Pros and Cons

  • Great for small/medium sized yards with a 12 inch cutting path
  • Very user friendly
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Good power at 12Amp
  • Compact storage
  • Great range of cutting heights
  • Misleading cutting width and deck sizes (13″ deck – 12″ working width)
  • Collection bag is a little small
  • Right handed operation only


Should You Buy This Model?

LawnMaster GV1212B Conclusion

If you are looking for a dual tool that’s easy to use and no nonsense then I would have no qualms in recommending the LawnMaster GV1212B. This is the perfect scarifier and dethatcher for people that don’t want to spend hours messing around when it comes to maintaining their lawn. It’s simply a case of getting the tool out, turning it on, and getting things done. You’ll still have hours left of your Saturday afternoon to do the things you love.

I also think that the LawnMaster GV1212B is a brilliant choice for people that find gas powered tools too bulky and heavy. With such a lightweight design, the LawnMaster GV1212B makes caring for a lawn accessible to everyone.


When it comes to scarifying and dethatching your lawn, you could be there for hours if you use a manual tool. But with the corded electric LawnMaster GV1212B, you can get the job done in a much shorter amount of time and you don’t need to be a gardening expert.

One of the things that really sells the LawnMaster GV1212B is how easy it is to use. Not only getting started but the whole process has been designed to be as user friendly as possible. Changing the blade cylinders, adjusting the cutting height, and even storing the LawnMaster GV1212B are all a breeze.

For medium sized lawns that are in need of some TLC, this nifty little 2 in 1 scarifier and dethatcher is perfect for domestic use.

Where Should I Buy This LawnMaster GV1212B?


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SAVE $19.74
LawnMaster GV1212B Scarifier and Dethatcher 13-Inch 12AMP
  • [2-in-1 Function] Replaceable 12-inch cylinders that can be swapped out to scarify or dethatch your lawn
  • [Powerful 12amp Motor] provides a speed up to 3400RPM
  • [Portable & Lightweight] Weighing only 24.69 lbs., and equipped with 6.7” front wheels and 3.9” rear wheels to improve maneuverability. The folding handles allow for easy storage when not in use
  • [19 Cutting Positions] ranging from -0.39 ~0.19 inch for the scarifier cylinder, and -0.19 ~0.39 inch for the dethatcher cylinder, helps to tackle several types of terrain

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