US Best Battery Powered Lawn Mowers Reviewed

Best Battery Powered Lawn Mowers Reviewed

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Battery Powered Lawn Mowers PerformanceBattery powered lawn mowers are all the rage right now. With the convenience of being able to navigate the yard without the restriction of a power cord and the low maintenance design, there isn’t much not to love. But there are a lot of little differences between each model and as such, it is worth paying attention to the individual features to ensure that you get a battery powered lawn mower that is going to exactly meet your needs.

In this best battery powered lawn mowers review, I will be going into detail about what you should be looking for when buying this type of mower.

Buying A Battery Powered Lawn Mower – The Benefits

When you consider buying a battery powered lawn mower, one of the main benefits you will get is that you won’t need to worry about the size of your lawn in relation to a power cord. Running on batteries means that you will have the freedom to move around without pesky extension cables getting in the way and causing a tripping hazard.

While this is a freedom that is afforded by a gas powered lawn mower, these also come with the responsibility to additional maintenance. In the case of a battery powered lawn mower, it is merely a case of ensuring that the batteries are sufficiently charged.

These are surprisingly powerful machines that are becoming closer to being as good as, and sometimes even outperform, gas and corded mowers.  With self-propelled models available, as well as those with mulching plugs and many other handy features. They are also affordable and do a very decent job of cutting the grass.

Best Battery Powered Lawn Mowers

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What To Look For When Buying A Battery Powered Lawn Mower

The market is bursting with cordless lawn mowers and with more and more coming onto the scene, it can make choosing one much more difficult than buyers might initially realize. But that doesn’t mean that this is an impossible task. On the contrary, it is simply a matter of looking at the features, functions and weighing up what will work best for you and your lawn.

Self-Propelled Cordless Lawn Mowers

Self Propelled Cordless Lawn MowersThere are two main types of cordless lawn mower, the self-propelled and the push mower. The latter requires the user to move it around the yard, while the self-propelled mower has automatic rear wheels that power the mower for you; all you need to do is guide it.

However, there are pros and cons to each and depending on the terrain in your yard, either may prove to be more suitable. In the case of a push mower, the user will need to exert more energy, but since these battery mowers are generally pretty lightweight, this isn’t usually an overexertion. Moreover, a push cordless mower will typically be much more affordable.

On the flip side, if your lawn is a little larger or you struggle with strength and stamina, a self-propelled mower will make getting the job done a lot simpler and less strenuous. Of course, you will pay a little more for the privilege. If you have a sloped yard or one whose terrain is a little more challenging to mow then a self-propelled mower might be the best option.


Cordless lawn mowers are never going to be as powerful as their gas cousins, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t pack a punch and are more suitable to some circumstances. Some of the best models are beginning to rival the power of other types of mower.

But instead of looking at the engine as you would in a gas mower, you need to be thinking about the voltage and amp hours of the battery. It goes without saying that the higher the voltage/Ah, the more power you are going to get and longer run-times. But there is a minimum that you will want to adhere to. Typically speaking, the least powerful batteries you will find in a cordless mower will be around the 20v mark, but there are those that skyrocket up to 120v. For domestic use, you don’t really need anything that exceeds 56v.

But while you will get significantly more power at the higher end of the spectrum this also means that the batteries are much larger, and therefore, heavier. You’ll also notice that as the power goes up, so does the price.

Running Time

Best Battery Powered Lawn Mower Run TimeYou could be forgiven for thinking that a high voltage battery would offer a longer run time, and while there is a little truth in this, it’s not the main thing you should be looking at. Batteries for cordless mowers are also measured in amp hours, displayed as Ah.

You will normally see cordless mowers running on batteries between 2.0Ah and 6.0Ah. The higher this number, the more run-time the battery will provide every hour and as a rule of thumb, those with a higher Ah will last longer and perform better.

The length of time you need your battery to run will depend on the size of your yard. If you have a larger area to mow, you’ll want something that won’t give up halfway through. Moreover, it is important to consider how many batteries you get with the mower. Some supply you with a spare meaning you can be charging one while using the other, but on the other hand, there are cordless mowers that come with no battery at all (bare tool only) and the battery has to be purchased separately. This is ideal if you already have batteries in other tools from the same manufacturer and are of the same voltage.

It is also a good idea to consider how long the battery takes to charge. If you do happen to run out of juice in the middle of a mow, the last thing you want is to have to wait around for hours for the battery to recharge. The good thing is that many manufacturers offer a rapid charger for just such a situation.

Cutting Width

Battery Powered Lawn Mowers Cutting WidthThe cutting width is a very important thing to look at when choosing any lawn mower and remains just as important when looking at battery powered options. A smaller cutting width will cover less ground in one pass, which means they are generally better for smaller lawns. You could use them in a larger yard, but it would take you significantly longer to cut the lawn and may require an additional battery.

There are some cordless lawn mowers with much larger cutting widths up to around 25 inches, which are much better suited to bigger yards. Of course, this is something you will have to pay more for and ensure it can be navigated around the narrower passages of your lawn. In order to determine the best option for your outdoor space, many product listings will also tell you the ideal square footage the mower is designed for, so it is simply a case of measuring your lawn.

Cutting Height

The ability to change the cutting height on your mower is a very important one, because it allows you to tackle the lawn in different ways depending on the season and current conditions. One of the great advantages of a lot of cordless mowers is that adjusting the cutting height is far easier and quicker compared to a gas mower. For the most part, they will feature a simple central height adjustment handle that takes seconds to adjust. What’s more, in most cases all four wheels are adjusted simultaneously.

You must also consider the number of cutting heights on offer. There are models that come with six or seven choices, some even provide more, which offer you far more versatility through the seasons.

Where Do The Grass Clippings Go?

A lot of people will use a grass catcher which attaches to the back of the lawn mower and as the grass is cut, the clippings are drawn into the catcher, which can then be removed and emptied. This is a very convenient method, but if you are going to opt for this, you need to make sure that the grass bag is the right size for your yard. The last thing you want is something that is going to need emptying too frequently. This will only make the whole job take longer. Just bear in mind that a large grass catcher that is full will add to the overall weight of the mower significantly.

Many cordless mowers also come with a mulching plug. Using the mulching method, the grass clippings will be finely chopped up by the blades before being returned back to the lawn. If you want a natural fertilizer for your lawn that is packed with things like nitrogen then mulching is an excellent option. You will want to make sure that the mulching plug is easy to fit and remove when you’re done. Some mowers do not come supplied with a mulching plug and can either be purchased separately or the option is simply not available on that particular model. So if you want to enjoy the benefits and practicalities of mulching, then you will need to ensure that your mower either comes with a mulching plug or one is available to be purchased separately.


One of the best things about some of the modern battery powered mowers is that, unlike the early models that came out, the performance is not to be sniffed at. This is in the main due to the advancements in lithium-ion battery technology in recent years. However, it is important to check out reviews to make sure that the mower will deliver a clean and efficient cut.

You will also want to make sure that it does the job first time without the need to make multiple passes.

User Friendliness

Nobody wants a lawn mower that is a nightmare to get to grips with, but many of the cordless mowers out there have a range of user friendly features that make them a delight to use. You should be looking for simple and easy to reach controls that don’t take a lot to understand, as well as a clear display on the battery that tells you how much charge is left. This is typically a set of LED lights that begin to dim one by one as the charge is lost.

The battery should also be easy to insert and remove and there are a lot of tools that come with power share batteries. This is great if you already have lots of tools from the same manufacturer and may help you to save money in the long run.

Storing your lawn mower needs to be easy and convenient. A lot of models come with folding handles which make the machine much more compact. Vertical storage is also an excellent feature for garages and outbuildings that are short on space.

It is also important to have a lawn mower that feels comfortable to use. In this instance, you will want to be looking for padded handles and something that is as lightweight as possible. In addition, it can be useful to have handles that can be height adjusted as this allows you to stand in a more natural position.

Self-propelled models are offered with either a single or variable speed drive, however this will add to the cost of your mower. I receive emails on a regular basis from users complaining that their mower is either too fast or too slow. If you have a single speed mower, unfortunately you are stuck with the speed setting. Variable speed mowers will allow you to adjust the speed according to your comfortable walking pace, so you will never feel that the mower is running away from you.


There is a lot more to choosing a cordless battery powered lawn mower than you might first imagine. Since these are relatively sophisticated pieces of equipment that come with a range of features, it is easy to get lost in a sea of options. But by looking closely at what each mower offers, you will easily be able to determine the best choice for you.

If you have any questions you would like to ask, feel free to use the comment’s box below – I will be happy to respond. Alternatively, you can head over to my easy-to-use lawn mower selection tool to quickly and easily shortlist your perfect Battery Powered Lawn Mower, by clicking the image link below.


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