Best Robotic Mowers For Medium Sized Gardens

The Best Robotic Mowers For Medium Sized Yards

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To follow on with one of my previous posts – The Best Robotic Lawn Mowers For Small Gardens – I thought I’d show you which models are best for those with lawns a little bigger than that (between 600m² – 1000m²). Again there are two models that come to mind but this time they are actually pretty similar to each other, but don’t worry below I’ll point out all their little differences and I’ll show you which type of person is best suited to each model.

The Best Robotic Mowers For Medium Sized GardensModel #1 – Worx WG790E Landroid

  • Ideal for gardens up to 800 m²
  • Mobile phone connection
  • Environmentally friendly
  • PIN code alarm system

If you’ve read through a bit of my website then you might of heard that the Worx WG790E is one of my favourite models available today. Now it has all the necessary features you’ll need like good navigation, efficient cutting system, mobile control etc, it produces great results and it will take quite a bit of work off your hands but that’s not the main reason to why I think so highly of it.

The No.1 reason why I think this is one of the best models available is because you get all of those things for such a great price. For a good model similar to it you would be paying at least £1100, whereas with the WG790E you could be paying as much as £200 cheaper, it might not have as many features as the others (like the model below for example) but even then you’re getting brilliant value for money.

Seeing as robotic lawn mowers are expensive products shouldn’t that be one of your biggest concerns, getting as much value as possible? I certainly think so!

For those with relatively simple shaped lawns I recommend you opt for this mower over the one below. The extra features aren’t really needed in your case, so you might as well save yourself some money, and it’ll take care of all the important things like saving you the time and effort of manual mowing, making lawn care so much easier and, above all, producing a fantastic looking lawn every week.

The Best Robotic Mowers For Medium Sized GardensModel #2 – Robomow RC308

  • Can cover gardens reaching 800 m² in size
  • Can cover up to 6 separate gardening areas
  • Robomow app connection
  • Multiple gardening modes

As I said this model is the more expensive out of the two but that is because it is built to cope with the more complex garden, i.e. it has more features. These include multiple mowing modes which allow you to control and alter how it operates during a mow, a multi-zone functions which allows the RC308 to roam between different lawns in your garden by itself and with it’s mobile app you can control it like a toy car.

All of these and the fact that’s it’s a little smaller, and therefore more nimble, than the WG790E mean it will be able to handle those tight spots in your garden much more effectively and ensures you’ll get a fuller cut, leaving less “tidying up” work for you to do.

Also you don’t need to worry if you think you’re trading in a good quality cut for a few features. Robomow have been in the game for over 20 years so you can rest assured that their RC308 model is just as able, and if not more, to give a great looking lawn with no effort.


So to sum up the WG790E is better for those with simple gardens and the WG790E is better for with complex gardens. Both are pretty much the same when it comes to quality of cut and ease of use, the only thing you really need to think about is if you really need all those extra mowing features offered by the RC308.

To get a closer look at both of their features make sure you look at their reviews, click here for the WG790E review (simple gardens) and here for the RC308 review (complex gardens).

6 thoughts on “The Best Robotic Mowers For Medium Sized Yards

  1. This is hilarious! I was just teasing my bf today and saying I would have to invent a lawn mower that would cut the grass while he sits in his chair! who knew someone had beat me to it. Awesome article and great videos! Keep up the good work! Hope you have some more robot tools for my lackadaisical bf.

  2. Great to get your recommendation for which mower is best for simple of complex lawns so value for money is ensured. I’m wondering how these mowers cope with grass cuttings as they progress? Whenever I mow the lawn I have to keep going back to the compost bin to empty the mower of cuttings.

    1. Don’t worry you don’t need to bother with grass clippings, they’re so small that they drop in between the grass to the bottom of the soil so you can’t see them. That’s just one of the great benefits with having a robotic lawn mower!

      Thanks for the questions and if you have any more then let me know 😉

  3. Hi Mark,

    I tried the worx lawn mower and ran into issues where the razor blades wouldn’t frequently get stuck. It also didn’t handle the slope well.

    I upgraded into the robomow and the cut was significantly better and it handled the slope with no problem. Well worth the upgrade.


    1. Yeah that would make sense Will. I’m assuming because of the slope in your lawn, that you have quite a complex garden. The Robomow RC308 (which I’m also assuming is the Robomow model you’re talking about) is better suited to these types of lawns so I can understand why it has operated so much better.

      Thanks for sharing your experience, I’m happy to hear that your new mower has been well worth the money!!

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