Contact – Let Me Help You!

If you’re having any problems with deciding on which type of robotic mower to purchase then let me help you out. Just message me below with the following information about your lawn & interests and I’ll direct you to which mower(s) I think are most suitable for you:

  • What’s your lawn size? (sq ft, check out this video if you want some help –
  • What price range are you wiling to be in? (i.e. low-end: <$1000 / mid-end: $1000 – $1500 / High-end: >$1500 – $2000/ Premium: >$2000)
  • How sloped is your lawn? (i.e. is your lawn relatively flat or filled with little hills, bumps and slopes)
  • Is your lawn complex in shape? (i.e. does it have lots of tight angles (complex) or is it open (simple))
  • Do you want mobile control?
  • How many lawns do you have within your garden? (if you have a front and back garden then that would be 2)

Of course if you just want to ask me a question about a particular model or something about lawn care or robotic lawn mowers then please let me know by either leaving a message below or emailing me at I just want to make lawn care as easy as possible for you so let me know of any problems you’re having and I’ll do my best to solve them 😉