Worx Landroid Installation

Worx Landroid Installation Process 

Before you get started with the there is something you need to do first. Make sure there are no obstacles left on the garden, stuff like twigs, branches or even kids toys. If trampled on, the WG790Es blades can be broken which I’m sure you won’t that on its first mow.

The process is fairly simple and you shouldn’t have too many problems carrying it out. Just make sure to refer to the user manual while doing so, I’m just giving you an overview to give you an idea of what’s required.

  1. First you’ll need to find a suitable place to lay the docking station. This should be somewhere outside, that is flat and dry, and near a power supply.
  2. Second you’ll need to lay and peg down the perimeter wire. Starting from the entrance of the docking station, make your way round the borders of your garden with the wire. Make sure to peg it down at equal lengths and section off all areas you don’t want the mower to get into – ponds, flowers, bushes etc.
  3. Once you’ve done a full circle of your garden, you’ll reach the docking station again. This is where you’ll need to connect the two (the wire and docking station) together. I think this is much better to be seen than read so make sure to watch the video below to learn how to do this correctly.
  4. Now plug the docking stations power cord into a AC/DC transformer and plug it into a power outlet.
  5. Next you’ll send out the Landroid out on a test run, following the line of the perimeter wire as it goes round. If the mower has any problems along the way then you’ll need to make some adjustments
  6. If everything’s A-Okay then connect the wires into the back of the station and screw it (the station) into the ground.
  7. And now you can let the mower get to work.

And one more thing. Please supervise the WG790E on its first mow. This just makes sure it understands the layout of your garden. I know this will take a while (depends on your garden) but if it does get confused, the mower will turn itself off and stop mowing.

You don’t want this to happen so it’s best to just watch out for it.

Watch the video below so you know exactly how install the WG790E properly: