Worx WG790E

Worx Landroid – In Real Life

Now it’s difficult to understand exactly how a robotic lawn mower will work within your garden with just the help of a written review and manufacturer made videos (which to be honest are just focusing on the bot’s positive points!). Even with these it still seems as if you need to take a little leap of faith to actually purchase the mower. As you can imagine I’m not happy about this, these really are great machines and they actually will change your lifestyle for the better. But if all you need is a little push then I’ll happily be the one to do it!

Below I’ve embedded some videos shot by actual Worx Landroid homeowners to show you how the mower will handle different aspects of lawn care and, in some, how the owners feel about it. Hopefully after reading and watching you’ll feel more at ease with the idea of purchasing and housing your own Worx Landroid robotic mower.

Unboxing the Mower

I’d imagine this will be most peoples favourite part, unboxing the brand new, shiny mower. There are several pieces to a robotic lawn mower so I thought it would be best to make you aware of them all so you don’t get too overwhelmed when you open your own.

In the video you’ll also be shown a little overview of the entire mower itself, just so you can see all of its components.

Working in the Rain

If like me you live in the UK then you’re going to be pretty interested in this feature. The Worx Landroid is completely waterproof so even if it’s pouring down outside, your grass will still get cut. Of course if you’re weary of wheel tracks being left on your lawn afterwards (which is made even more likely in the rain) then don’t worry it’s possible to adjust the mowers sensitivity to the rain using its control panel.

Now even though that video isn’t the most clear and it isn’t the longest, it shows you that the Worx Landroid can work just fine during even the heaviest of rainfall.

Handling Slopes

Slopes are usually seen as quite a challenge for most robotic lawn mowers, in most cases they’ll either veer off to the side, get confused or just fall the way back down again, leaving some areas of your lawn untouched for you to finish yourself. But this isn’t a problem for the Worx Landroid, as you can see in the video below it handles that slope (which is pretty steep) with relative ease.

Review After Several Weeks of Work

Now this homeowner has had his Worx Landroid for quite some time (I’m not too sure exactly he doesn’t specify) so I thought it would be fair to show you how he feels about the entire experience.

So the landroid hasn’t been perfect, it has had some difficulties with docking but even the owner himself said that he could’ve read the manual more thoroughly to prevent this. I think the main thing to focus on is what he said at the end, even though he buys a lot robots the landroid is ‘by far the best investment in robots (he) has ever made’. I think this goes a long way in showing you just how far robotic lawn mower have come, now I have no way of knowing what kind of robotics he had bought but even then to say that the Worx Landroid trumps them all really is something special.

I love these robots and I’m sure you will too, if this series of videos has convinced you, or least pushed you a little further, to purchase a robotic lawn mower then please make sure you check out my reviews for the Worx Landroid models. Out of all the others out there, these offer the most value for money in that they have many great features without that hefty price tag – in fact they are some of the cheapest in the market.

Just take your first step now and have a read of my reviews. Trust me you won’t regret it!