Spring Lawn Care Maintenance US

Spring Lawn Care Maintenance – What You Need to do

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Spring Lawn Care Maintenance – What You Need to doAfter what seems like a very long and wet winter, we are finally approaching Spring. It means that we will be able to start enjoying the warmer weather in our yards. However, when we look out, we quickly realize that there a number of maintenance jobs that will need to be done before the yard looks clean and inviting again.

I have created this article to help you with your Spring lawn care maintenance and preparation tips, to save you time and money so you can start enjoying it with your family and friends again.

First Spring Cut of Your Lawn

As the weather becomes warmer, the grass will start growing again. Naturally depending on where you are in the US, the time when you should first cut your lawn will vary. In general, the height of the first cut should be higher compared to what you normally mow your lawn at. This will ensure that your lawn doesn’t become too stressed and remains healthy. It is also good to mention that during Summer most homeowners mow their lawn on a weekly basis, during Spring the frequency will be reduced according to the decreased growth rate.

You may be aware that you should never cut more than 1/3 of the total length of the grass blade if you want to keep your lawn healthy and reduce weeds/disease.

Check Your Lawn Mower

Check Your Lawn MowerBefore cutting your lawn, check your lawn mower. It would have most probably been sitting in your garage or shed for many months. Depending on the mower you have, the oil and spark plugs may need to be changed, the batteries may need to be charged, the blades may need to be sharpened or replaced, the reel may need to be adjusted.

If the blades are not sharp on your mower it will damage your grass blades, turning them brown with uneven cut. Not only bad for your grass, but for sure, not providing the desired outcome!

With robotic mowers you will also have to check them, update the mowing routine, if necessary, and change the blades, before bringing them out to do their job.

If you have a multi-functional mulching mower, do not use this cutting method on wet or damp grass, utilize the cut and collect method for your first cut.

Spring is prime time to carry out your annual gas mower maintenance too.


FertilizingIf you have a mulching mower or a robotic mower, then fertilizing will most probably not be needed for your lawn. Why? The mulching process cuts the grass into tiny pieces and returns them back to the soil providing essential nutrients and moisture. If you would like to see my list of top selling mulching mowers click on the links below –

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If you do not have a mulching mower, your lawn will need to be fertilized on a regular basis, starting in Spring. There are many types of organic and synthetic fertilizers to choose from, they are available in liquid or granules form. It is entirely up to you what type of fertilizer you prefer in terms of performance and application.

Feeding your lawn will boost the root system and make it stronger and healthier for the start of the growing season. Just remember, that you need to read the instructions on the box to ensure the mix is prepared correctly, too much can damage your lawn.

I know there are so many fertilizers to choose from, so to assist below I have included the best-selling synthetic lawn fertilizers.

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Addressing Weeds and Moss

Addressing Weeds and MossYour lawn is likely to have some moss and weeds, these should be dealt with too. I know that it may not be a pleasant task but if you ignore them, the issue will just become worse.

It is worth noting that healthy and dense lawn will reduce, if not eliminate, weeds and lawn disease. That is really where we are heading with this Spring lawn maintenance article, to allow you to achieve that lush and lovely looking lawn seen, with envy, at golf centers.

Again, you can purchase synthetic herbicide and deal with all the weeds separately, or you can make your own homemade weedkiller, or use a complete 4-in-1 solution that kills weeds and moss but feeds your lawn at the same time.

Making your own weedkiller is simple and only takes 3 simple ingredients that are readily available in your home.

After the application of the weed and moss killer ensure that you rake/scarify your lawn. Again, to keep your lawn healthy this should be carried out on a regular basis.

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Scarify / Rake

Scarifying and raking is important to be carried out as part of your regular lawn maintenance regime. The main reason to scarify and rake is to remove excess thatch, weeds and moss from the lawn to allow for air, water and fertilizer to reach the roots making it strong and healthy.

Spring is the perfect time to carry out lighter raking / scarification, ideally it should be repeated again during Autumn. Just remember that the lawn should not be too wet or too dry during this process.


Aeration in SpringAgain, aeration should be carried out as part of your regular lawn maintenance schedule, but for sure Spring is a good time to start.

Aeration punches holes into the soil to promote air circulation and allow nutrients to reach the root system, encouraging healthy and stronger lawn. Aeration also helps with soil compaction and waterlogging issues.

I know that it may feel like you are damaging your lawn, but this is not the case as it is highly beneficial.

There are many different types of aerators on the market. You can simply use a lawn fork, aeration shoes or a powered machine. Just remember that the types of tines used to aerate your lawn vary too. You can purchase spike/solid tines, chisel/slit tines or hollow tines, they all do the job in a slightly different way with varying degrees of success.

To help you out below I have included the best-selling lawn aerators.

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Addressing Bare Patches

Bare patches do look unsightly on your lawn, again they are a sign that your lawn is not in the best possible condition. Bare patches need to be dealt with, but also it would be good to understand the root problem and deal with that too.

You will need to deal with each bare patch separately by removing the dead grass, adding some fresh soil or compost mixed with suitable grass seed to the area and ensure it is level. It needs to be compressed and watered to ensure it does not dry out. Keep the area moist until the seed germinates and grows to about 1 inch long.


Top-DressingWith the top-dressing process you are adding a fine layer of specific material to your lawn surface. This may be as a result of a soil test that you have carried out and have identified that your soil is lacking a particular nutrient.

Top-dressing can be carried out during any season, but is recommended after aeration or scarification have been completed, as it improves the quality and fertility of the lawn and helps with overseeding.

Top-dressing is also helpful when the lawn is uneven.

Other Jobs in Your Yard

Of course, in this article we are mainly focusing on achieving healthy and green lawn that can be the envy of your neighbors. However, it is worth mentioning that there are other tasks that will need to be completed in your yard to give you that professional appearance.

Don’t forget to pressure wash your patio, decking, shed etc. The guttering is worth checking too, as if it is filled with leaves it is likely to get blocked and overflow. The most efficient and effective way to do this is with a pressure washer. I am sure you are aware that there are different types available, some that connect to your hose pipe, others that can use water from a bucket or other static water reservoir.

If you need to purchase a new pressure washer, to help you out, below I have included the best-selling models.

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Pressure WashersDon’t forget that your trees and hedges may also need to be pruned, it is a good idea to ensure that nothing is overhanging your lawn as shade can be a common cause of bare patches and lawn damage.

If you haven’t already done so, leaves from Fall will need to be cleared from your yard. The easiest way to achieve this is by using a Leaf Blower and Vacuum.

The lawn edges may need to be checked and fixed in some areas too, to provide that clean and sharp look.


Carrying out some general yard maintenance in Spring will ensure you are off to a good start when Summer gets into full swing.

Preparation and maintenance is the key to achieving a tidy and attractive yard to be proud of, and one that can be used as an extension to your home.