Robomow RS Installation Process

Even though this process is very simple and should not cause any problems, I still recommend you get your Robomow dealer to carry it out. They are professionally trained so they’ll carry it out correctly the first time and will probably give you some advice for using the mower in your garden. It come at a cost but it will be worth it.

Although this is up to you, so read the overview below and watch the video to get an understanding of what you need to do.

  1. First you’ll need to find a suitable place to put your charging station.This should be near (preferably beside) an outdoor power supply with flat and soft ground that is shadowed and out of sight from the street. Make sure to position it parallel to the side of your garden so the perimeter wire can be connected correctly.
  2. Now laying the perimeter wire around the edges of your lawn loosely and in an anti-clockwise direction.You will also want to section off any flower beds, plants or trees using the wire – creating an island.
  3. Once you’ve completed a full loop, begin pegging down the wire every few metres– make sure to use the Robomow ruler when doing this. Make sure each peg is hammered below ground level so that it cannot be seen and pull the wire tight before doing so.
  4. Next you will need to connect the two ends of the perimeter wire together using a connector and peg them both into the ground beside the docking station. Then you will plug them into the station with the power supply cable.
  5. Now you need to peg down the power cable into the ground and connect it to your houses power supply. Robomow will have provided a power supply for your mower that you fix to your wall. You then connect the docking to it and connect it to a household plug socket.
  6. Now you’ll need to program the mower to the desired cutting height and plug in the fuse.Then you’ll want to adjust the language, date and time settings.
  7. Once programmed, you’ll need to test out the docking station position and the perimeter wire. 
  8. If all the tests were successful or you have made the corrections needed then the RS625 is ready to go. Once placed back on the charging station, it will operate independently and mow according to the schedule that has been set.

Watch the Robomow video below to get a better idea of what you need to do: