Robomow RS615

Now it’s difficult to understand exactly how a robotic lawn mower will actually work within your garden with just the help of a written review and manufacturer made videos (which to be honest are just focusing on the bot’s positive points!).

Even with these it still seems as if you need to take a little leap of faith to actually purchase the mower.

As you can imagine I’m not happy about this, these really are great machines and they actually will change your lifestyle for the better.

But if all you need is a little push then I’ll happily be the one to do it!

Below I’ve embedded a series of videos (all of which are shot by actual owners of the products) which show you what Robomow Models are like to have around the home.

Now I done my best but because of the lack of  availability on YouTube I wasn’t able to get videos with the same exact model in them, so some have RS models whereas others have RX models.

But not to worry Robomow models will be very similar in the way they deal with these lawn care aspects.

So the videos should still give you an accurate insight to what it’s like to have one yourself.


In this video you’ll shown the Robomow RX20 being unboxed, all the bits and pieces that come with and a little overview of the mower itself. There isn’t much to this but I think you’ll find it quite interesting to see what it’s like when the mower finally arrives.


Now this is a fantastic little video showing you an overview of every part of the installation process.

It doesn’t go into too much detail like you would see with the professional video that Robomow released but it definitely gives you a great insight of what you’re required to do.

It might be time consuming but it’s fairly easy and if you compare it to all the time you’ll save from manual mowing, it’s totally worth it.


I can imagine quite a few of you reading this will have a sloped garden so you’ll probably want to know how a Robomow mower will act for you.

So in this video you’ll shown how one of their RC models copes with a very steep area of lawn – you’ll also see how sharp the slope is as well.

Long Grass

Now here’s is something everybody has to deal with after every winter… long, overgrown grass.

Because of the size of them and their blades you might expect Robomow mowers to struggle with the task of chopping down a few inches of grass every spring, something that a manual mower would have no problem with.

But to make it clear that they shouldn’t have a problem just watch the video below.

Final Review

In the video below an owner describes his time with a Robomow mower over his first, entire season. He goes into a little detail about what it has done for and shares some of his feelings. As you can expect the review is pretty positive one!

So by now you should have a pretty good idea of how a Robomow mower will fit into and affect your lifestyle.

It can deal with complex gardens, long grass and takes a huge burden off your hands in the form of manual mowing.

Hopefully this has convinced you to believe that they are a worthwhile investment, just like I do, and are now willing to read some reviews.

To read a little more about the different models they offer head here to check out my reviews. They really are useful machines and if you hate mowing – or just want a great looking lawn – then I know you’ll love them! Protection Status

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