Q.What does Robomow do if it rains?

Robomow can mow in rainy weather, but for the health of your lawn, it’s probably best not to mow on wet grass. But don’t worry there’s no need for you to deal with this manually. Instead, Robomow is smartly equipped with a rain sensor, which halts operation in rainy or highly humid weather.

Q. Can I mow a specific area manually using Robomow?

Yes. For example, in Separated Zones, Robomow will mow each zone separately, and its movement between zones is restricted. The mower must be carried or driven
to this area manually.

You can use the Remote Control (available as an accessory or in the Robomow App), to manually drive and mow anywhere. The Remote Control includes a safety function to prevent accidental use.

Note: Do not mow manually if there is a slope greater than 15 degrees, or where firm footing is not possible.

Q. Will Robomow cope with my uneven lawn?

Robomow can mow areas inside the working area that slope up to 20 degrees or 36% (36 cm rise per 1m).

Q. How do I calculate the slope?

You can simply download an app to your mobile device that measures the slope (for example, Clinometer, Slope Level, Slope Calculator, and others).

Take a flat surface (such as a wooden platter) and place it on top of the slope on the grass.
Open the app that measure slopes, and place your mobile device on the surface to see the degree of the slope.

Q. Can Robomow detect objects such as clothes or toys lying around on the lawn?

It’s best to check the area where Robomow will be used every now and then to remove toys and other foreign objects. However, there is no need to worry if Robomow encounters these objects during its work. Robomow’s excellent maneurverability can help overcome these types of barriers.

Q. How does Robomow handle very high grass?

Due to its heavy-duty steel blades, the mower can cut when the grass is relatively high. However when mowing high grass during the first use or (for example) during the first mowing of the season, you will initially see uneven patches of grass. Just be patient, as it may take a few days to one week to overcome this and bring the lawn to an even height and consistency.

Robomow’s TurboMow feature allows faster and stronger mowing of high grass during the first cut of the season. In TurboMow mode, Robomow reduces its driving speed, doubles the number of mowing hours, and works at the highest RPM. This will already provide you with better mowing results after the initial mowing cycle.

The RS/MS models have floating mowing deck, which automatically rises up in high grass, thus allowing to mow the grass gradually until reaching the desired level.

Q. What are the statuses of the battery icon? (Relevant to RC/MC models)

The LED battery indicators are as follows:

  • Red is lit constantly – Charge the battery.
  • Green is blinking – Battery is charging.
  • Green is lit constantly – Battery is fully charged.
  • Red/yellow is blinking – Battery is empty / System Switch was set to On while the robot is in the Base Station.

Q. Will Robomow cut the entire lawn in on single operation?

Only relatively small gardens are covered in a single operation. Most lawns require more than a single operation in order to cover the entire area. The operation principle of Robomow is based on consecutive operations, which keep the lawn cut at all times, rather than mowing the lawn in a single operation and then letting the grass grow and cutting it again.

Q. Is Robomow noisy?

Robomow is very quiet, operating at less than 70 dB. But if the Robomow is noisy, you may have a damaged or unbalanced blade.

Q. Can I sharpen the Blades?

No you should not ever attempt to sharpen the blades yourself as this could cause an imbalance. If you do notice that something may be wrong with the blade, then please replace it. The process to do so is very simple and I’ll show you how on my Robomow Maintenance page.

Q. Do I need to get the mower serviced on a regular basis?

Yes, to ensure proper maintenance and better performance, it is recommended that you bring your mower to a certified Robomow dealer prior to winter storage.

Q. What is the battery lifetime?

The battery is maintenance-free, but has a limited lifetime of 2-4 years. Battery life is dependent on the season length and how many hours Robomow is used. We therefore recommend changing the mowing frequency (Interval) when the growth rate of the grass is slower. This will help prolong the lifetime of the mower and the battery.

If I haven’t answered your question here then you can either get in touch with me using the email in the sidebar or you can head over to the Robomow Support page.


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