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I know I have already established the best robotic mowers for certain types of gardens in some of my blog posts but they tend to be narrowed down to two models instead of just one. So I thought I would make the decision process even easier by showing you which models are my favourite for the 5 different lawn types – small (under 600m²), medium (600 – 1000m²), big (1000 – 2000m²), huge (2000 – 6000m²) and farmland (over 10,000m²).

Now just because I have recommended the models below does not mean that you could not be happy with another model, you could be perfectly happy with other mowers I haven’t mentioned. I am just showing you which mowers I would go for if I had the particular garden size, this could be totally different for you as you’re likely to have different circumstances to deal with than me. I just hope this helps you down the purchasing process.

Small Lawns

My RecommendationsFor me my favourite mower for the small garden is the Robomow RX20. It just has so many features packed into such a small mower that not only make for a better user experience but also allow it to navigate and maintain complex shaped gardens with ease. With it’s small size and smart mow technology it’ll do a much better job of getting into those tight spot around your lawn than any other mower in the market (not just robotic!).

Not only that but it also has features like;

  • mobile app control which allow you to operate the mower from your iPhone;
  • a rain sensor which prevent it from mowing the rain;
  • a multi-zone feature which allow it to handle more than one mowing area;
  • a series of mowing “modes” which you can use to alter its mowing style depending on the conditions;
  • a  floating deck which allows its blade to reach the bottom of little hollows and;
  • a Glider, instead of a back third wheel, which makes for better manoeuvrability.

All of these features combined make for a very impressive mow and an even more impressive mower which is why the RX20 is one of my favourite mowers, not only do you quantity but you also get quality. For more information on these features and the mower itself, head over to my Robomow RX20 review here.

Medium Sized Lawns

My RecommendationsNow as you begin to go up in lawn size the amount of features you see in each model tends to go up, this means that just having a lot of user features isn’t that impressive and won’t set you apart from the crowd. So instead I start looking at value for money, which mower provides me with all the necessary features I need to mow my garden effortlessly that has the best/cheapest price. Well for me… it has to be the Worx WG790E Landroid.

For most models within this garden range you would be expecting to pay, at least, over £1000 providing it has a reasonable amount of user features. The WG790E on the other hand can be bought below this and you still get mobile control, a brilliant navigation system and a super easy control system. Of course there are some that have even more features but not enough for them to justify a price gap worth a few hundred pounds.

With the WG790E you get a reliable and even cut, very intelligent navigation, easy setup and the ability to control it on the go with your app, for such a reason price for all of these, and more, I don’t think there’s is a better option for those with garden of this size. If you want to learn more about the WG790E then click right here to check out my review.

Big Lawns

My RecommendationsWith this size of lawn you’re expecting your robomower to have just about everything – great navigation, easy setup, simple user interface, a reliable and smart cutting system, and all the user features needed to make mowing as easy as possible. Now considering you’ll need all of this as well as the capabilities to handle lawns up to 2000m², you’re going to need to get the best mower you can possibly get with your money. In my opinion this is the Husqvarna 315 Automower.

The Husqvarna technology is just better than everyone else’s in the market. It can handle slopes better than anyone else, it can handle long grass better than anyone else, it’s quieter than anyone else and it’s more independent than anybody else, they’ve been in the robotic lawn mower market for 20+ years so it’s no wonder their models are so good! (If you don’t believe me then just check out this post and video –

If you want to learn more about the 315 Automower then head over to my review right here.

Huge Lawns

My RecommendationsThe reasoning with this type of lawn is pretty much the same as above, you have huge requirements of your mower but also want great user and mowing features. Seeing as Husqvarna have the best technology available right now I have to vouch for another one of their models – the 450X Automower.

It’s effectively the same mower as the 315 apart for some changes exterior and the fact that it can maintain lawns up to 5,000m² in size. So you’ll be getting the same great results and experience that hardly anyone else in the robotic lawn mower market can compete with. If you want to learn more about the 450X and all its features then click here to see my review.


My Recommendations

Okay so there’s only one type of mower that I’m aware of that can cope with areas as big as this, to my knowledge there’s is no one else competing with them at this size and I must say it is one of the most impressive robotic mowers I’ve ever seen. If you’ve scrolled down my home page then you won’t be surprised that I’m talking about the Ambrogio L400 mower.

Clearly Ambrogio have put a lot of work into this model as they’ve made it pretty much perfect for this kind of area, it’s strong and robust so will withstand the tough weather conditions that come with open land, it doesn’t need any perimeter wire so you don’t need to spend a day setting it up and it has a massive mowing time of 11 hours so that it can cope with the massive area.

There really is no looking past the Ambrogio L400 in this case because you have no other options! To learn more about this mower click here to check out my review of all its features. Protection Status

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