Worx Maintenance

To make sure you keep your mower (and your lawn) in tip-top shape throughout the mowing year, I have outlined the most important jobs you need to do to keep it maintained properly. All of the jobs are very simple to follow and will take very little time to finish. But remember these are meant for the Worx Landroid M models so they may not all apply to other automowers

Rotating & Flipping the Blades

To make sure the blades remain in the best working condition possible, you should routinely flip and rotate them. If you have scheduled you mower to run on a daily basis then you should do this every month. This will mean the blades will last the full mowing season, or at least give them the best chance to.

Also you will want to make sure all the blades are adjusted correctly. If they aren’t or if you fail to check this regularly then the rotator disk could be off balance. And when you check the blades, if they appear to be chipped or damaged then please replace them.

Changing Blades

Probably the most important out of all jobs is to replace your old, worn blades for new ones. As your robomower will be mowing for days, weeks and months on end, its blades will begin to get blunt. Resulting in a poor cut as the mower will struggle to get a nice clean slice of the grass.

Also when you go to change one blade just change them all. Worx have said that their Landroid’s do not like mowing with blades of different age and quality. So is probably best to just with them on that.

Follow the steps below to replace your blades properly:

  1. First put on a pair of protective gardening gloves. As you will be coming into contact with sharp blades you want make sure you don’t get any accidental cuts.
  2. Make sure you switch off the Landroid and wait for everything to stop.
  3. Now place the mower is an area of open space that is soft and clean, then flip it over so the blades are facing the sky.
  4. Remove the battery cover and remove the battery
  5. Once done go get a screwdriver and your replacement blades and screws (you will also need to replace the old screws with the new ones).
  6. You want to screw the new blades firmly in place but they must still be able to move freely.
  7. Refit the battery and the battery cover.

That’s it you’re all done, now flip the mower back over and let it get back to mowing.

Make sure you check out Amazon to pack up spare blades. They will give you the best delivery times and the best prices.

Cleaning the Mower

Okay this may be the most annoying job you will have to do but I can be a huge influence on how effective the Landroid mows. As the grass starts to build up around the wheels and the underside, the mower will start to move slower and slower. Because of this the mower will have to use much more power to move resulting in a much shorter battery life. With this comes insufficient mowing and poor results.

So even though this can be annoying, it is very important.

Cleaning the Body

I know I just stressed how important it is to clean the underside of the mower but it is also important to keep the body clean as well. This helps give your mower a much happier and longer life. Also, make sure you are wearing protective gloves when you’re doing this.

When cleaning never use a hose, power cleaner or otherwise pour running water over the Landroid. This will just cause damage to the electrical system so make sure you be careful. Instead add water to a spray bottle and use that with a soft brush or a clean cloth. And make sure not to use any solvents or polishes.

To do a proper job, you should remove all the build-up of grass clippings and debris.

Cleaning the Underside

Again it is important to wear protective gloves during this and always make sure the Landroid is turned off.

As with changing the blades, flip you mower so that its blades are facing the sky. Now clean around the edges of the body, the wheels and the blades with a dry brush or a damp rag until you’ve removed most of the grass. Once done check to see if the rotator disk is still moving freely and make sure the blades can still spin around the screws.

And remember remove any lodged debris so that it does not cause a crack in the blade disc. Even the tiniest crack can decrease your Landroid’s mowing output.

Cleaning the Contact Pins and Charging Strips

Clean the contact pins located on the charging base and the charging strip located on the Landroid M using a cloth. Remove any build-up of grass clippings and debris around the contact pins and charge strips periodically to ensure the Landroid successfully charges each time. Doing this properly on a regular basis will also help your mowers battery life last longer.

Winter Maintenance

To make sure your mower survives the winter period with no issues, there are a few steps that you will need to carry out before:

  1. Make sure the Landroid is fully charged before you turn it off for the last time.
  2. Disconnect the charger from the power socket and docking station then store it in a safe and dry place.
  3. Carry out all of the above cleaning steps.
  4. Apply lubricating spray to the blades and blade fixing screws to protect them from moisture.
  5. Store the mower in a similarly safe and dry place like the docking station.

*Again, please wear gloves when doing this

And that’s all you need to do to keep your mower safe during winter.

Please follow all of the tips on this page or your Landroid won’t be able to give you the best results.