John Deere Maintenance

To help you keep your John Deere robot lawn mower in the best condition possible throughout the season, I thought I’d give you some advice. Below I’ve listed all the different jobs you’ll need to do on regular basis and have explained how to do them correctly.

Just make sure to follow what I say and you will be fine. But if you do have any problems refer to your user manual or get in contact with your dealer (if it’s a technical malfunction). There you will find more in-depth instructions and probably some advice for avoiding it in the future.

Cleaning the Mower

To make sure the blade and wheels are turning correctly, you’ll need to check there is nothing stuck in them. This could be grass, mud or anything really. They all result in poorer mowing efficiency – the blade will spin slower so won’t cut grass as cleanly and the wheels will be much stiffer which means more power is needed to turn them.

So you know how to do this correctly, I’ve you a step-by-step process to follow whenever the mower needs clean. This is very easy to do and should only take about 5-10 minutes max.

  1. Put on a pair of protective gloves and make sure the mower is turned off. Now lift the mower up and flip it over onto its back with the blade facing the sky.
  2. Now have a look around the blade (be careful!), around the body and in the wheels for waste. Then begin removing any grass and other debris with your hands and place it beside in a disposable bag.
  3. Once you think you’ve cleared it all, tip the mower back onto its wheels and give it a little shake. Now any extra debris that you didn’t see should fall out.
  4. Flip the mower back over again and start scraping away any of the dried in grass around the entire underside. Make sure you only use a dry brush when doing so as any water may cause damage to the electronics. Once everything has been scraped off, flip it over and give it a shake just as you did before.
  5. Now with sitting on its wheels, get a damp cloth (not a power cleaner or hose – they just cause damage) and begin wiping off any dirty marks and other debris.

And that’s al you need to do. Afterwards your mower will be looking good as new (although that depends on how thorough you are). Just make sure to carry this out every month and your mower will work just fine.

Changing the Blades

Even though I would normally give the process of how to do this just as I did above but I’m going to have to keep this short. In actual fact John Deere want you to get your dealer to handle this for you. Which is probably for the best, you don’t anything to go wrong. They’ll make sure everything is done properly without any risk to you.

But there is a little work you need to do. On a monthly basis (at the same time as you clean it) give the blade a check-up. Look for any cracks or scraps and try to see if it has went blunt. Both result in a poorer cut so this is something you will to keep updated on.

Preparing for Winter

Before the season is finished there is a couple of things you’ll want to do.

Give the mower a clean (follow above)

So that the Tango can work perfectly straight away, you’ll want to clean out the blades and wheels. This makes sure nothing gets permanently stuck (debris) in the mower of the storage period. If you don’t you will have a very tough time removing it or, worst case scenario, you might even have to get your dealer to sort it.

Fully the charge the mower before storing

Make sure you have fully charged the Tangos battery before you put it away. This means it can work right from the bat at the start of spring.

Store the mower inside

So the mower doesn’t get damaged by the cold and wet weather, store it somewhere inside that is dry and not vulnerable to frost. This keeps all the electricals safe and ensures everything will work after winter. Also, you’ll want to bring the charging station in as well but you can leave the perimeter and guide wire outside.


All that’s all you really need to do to keep your John Deere mower in working order throughout the season. And if you do see a problem of any sort, make sure to contact your dealer for help. They’ll know exactly what to do and will give you some advice for avoiding it in the future.