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To make sure your robomower stays in top mowing condition throughout the mowing season, you will be required to do a little maintenance. Don’t worry this is nothing stressful and each job should only take a few minutes each.

So for those with a Husqvarna automower, I am going to list and explain all the little jobs you’re required to do. So make sure listen up and take on board everything I am saying. You really don’t want to do this wrong.

Changing the Blades

Husqvarna Blades

To make sure your mower produces the best cut possible for your lawn, you will need to change the blades several times per year. After weeks on end of mowing, the blades will begin to get a little blunt resulting in poorly (well maybe not poorly but certainly worse) sliced clippings. The each of each blade of grass will begin to get frayed and start turning brown, making your entire garden look poorly. Now I know you don’t want this and is exactly why you need to change your blades.

So that you know how to do this correctly, I will outline all the steps you need to take below:

  1. Bring your automower into the middle of your garden (or any open space) and switch it off. Then wait for everything to stop.
  2. Now put on a pair of protective gloves and turn the mower upside down so the blades are facing the sky.
  3. Using a standard or Philips screwdriver, loosen each screw that retains a blade – you will need to rotate the blade guard so the hole lines up with each screw. And then remove the blade.
  4. Now replace it with a brand new and much sharper blade, fixing it in place using a shoulder screw. But make sure you don’t tighten the screw too tightly so much so that the shoulder binds the blades. Each blade should still be able to rotate once the screw has been attached.

And that’s it. All done in just four steps. This should only take you five minutes max and will get even quicker the more you do it (and you will be doing it quite a lot). But to give you a picture of what I’m talking about, watch the video below:

Since you are going to be needing quite a lot of them, you might as well stock up on blades right now. Just make sure you check out Amazon for spare blades. As I’ve said before, they will have the best prices.

Cleaning & Washing Your Automower

As with changing the blades, you will need to clean your mower on a regular basis. Especially during autumn when the weather begins to get a little wetter. With this wet weather comes wet grass and with wet grass comes clogged up wheels. Which will only mean more power getting used each mow and poorer mowing efficiency. Both will only lead to a badly maintained lawn.

So it is very important you do this regularly, in fact you are just as well doing this at the same time as changing the blades.

Just a few tips before you actually go and do this yourself:

  • When cleaning the underside of the mower, use as dry brush to get off all the dried in grass. You will want to brush around the edges of mower, underneath the blades and the front and back wheel.
  • Once you’ve finished scraping and instead of trying to grasp all the grass and lift it out, turn the mower the right way up so it all falls out. If there is still some left then get a universal cleaning cloth and some water and begin to scrub away at it.
  • When cleaning the top, only use a bucket of warm water and a sponge. A hose or a pressure washer will cause damage to the mower.

Now please watch the video below. It has been made by Husqvarna themselves and makes it easier for you to follow step-by-step.

Just Some Other Tips

These are really to do with maintenance but I thought I’d add them anyway.

  1. When the mowing season stops, make sure you bring your automower inside. Leaving it out in the cold and wet could damage its electricals which may mean it will not work the following season. Make sure to store the mower and its charging station in a dry and frost-free place.
  2. Make sure to check up on the perimeter wire every now and again. You never know, it may have become a little frayed or may even been sliced during the week. However if this is the case your automower will alert you (or it will just stop mowing) of the situation so no need to check this extensively. But if this does happen you will need to replace it and install it again.

If you make sure to follow all of my advice above then you will not only have a healthy automower but also a healthy garden.

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