Husqvarna Automower Installation Process

Even though this process is fairly easy to set up correctly, I still recommend that you get your Husqvarna Automower dealer to carry it out for you. This process will only take about 1 – 1.5 hours for them to do and they will give you some advice on using the 315 in your garden. It may cost you a little extra but seeing as it’ll save you the time and effort of doing it yourself (plus any extra for fixing things you’ve done wrong) I think it’s totally worth.

But this is totally up to you so I thought I’d show you the process to make it easier for you to decide. Below I’ve laid out all the steps and even have a video showing you how to do it correctly.

  1. First go around your garden and sketch a copy of it in a notepad. This makes it easier to decide where to place the docking station and how to position the boundary/guide wires.
  2. Find a suitable place to lay the docking station. This should be somewhere outside in the main area of lawn, that is flat and dry, and near a power supply.
  3. Now connect the docking station to the power supply and place the automower in charge so that the battery is full when finishing the installation. 
  4. Lay and peg down the boundary wire. Starting from the entrance of the docking station, make your way round the borders of your garden with the wire. Make sure to peg it down at equal lengths and section off all areas you don’t want the mower to get into – ponds, flowers, trees etc.
  5. Once you reach the docking station again, you’ll then need to lay the guide wire. This is done from the docking station to the mid point of the perimeter wire and preferably an area which the automower may difficulty reaching.
  6. Set up narrow passages and secondary areas.  These are only necessary for those with complex gardens so not everyone will have to carry them out.
  7. Now you need to connect all the wires to the charging station. This can be difficult to explain and a little confusing when read so make sure you watch the video below to understand how to do this correctly.
  8. Start up the mower. Before you set the mower on its way you need to make sure the lawn is clear of sticks and other garden debris. Once done log into the mower and adjust its mowing settings to fit your lawn.
  9. After completing all the steps above you can now let the Automower get with work.