Husqvarna Automower - In Real Life

Husqvarna Automower – In Real Life

Now it’s difficult to understand exactly how a robotic lawn mower will actually work within your garden with just the help of a written review and manufacturer made videos (which to be honest are just focusing on the bot’s positive points!). Even with these it still seems as if you need to take a little leap of faith to actually purchase the mower. As you can imagine I’m not happy about this, these really are great machines and they actually will change your lifestyle for the better. But if all you need is a little push then I’ll happily be the one to do it!

On this page I have embedded videos to show you how Husqvarna Automowers actually work within the gardens of real life owners, you’ll see how those owners feel about their mowers and how the mowers deal with certain situations like rain, slopes and obstacles. Hopefully after watching you’ll feel much more comfortable and convinced in the idea of a robot taking control of your lawn.


Now this is one of the more annoying parts of owning a robotic lawn mower – setting it up to work in your garden. Even though the process sounds easy and simple to do, it requires quite a bit of work and time (it could take a couple of hours).

In the video below you’ll be shown the laying of the wire, the positioning of the docking station, calibration of automower and what happens when it sets off for its first cut.

Control Settings

So that you know how to control and alter the automower’s setting (manually), I thought it would be best to embed a video of an owner using the control panel and showing you how everything works. As with most robotic mowers, this is very easy to use and shouldn’t be too difficult to wrap your head round.

Cutting the grass

To show you how Husqvarna automower’s deal with different situations and weather conditions, I’ve actually embedded 3 different videos – once showing you how it deals with long grass, one showing you how it deals with wet grass and another showing you how it deals with autumn leaves. It’ll almost certainly have to deal with each of these at least once during one full season so I think it’s useful to show you how effectively they can do so.

In the Rain

In Autumn Leaves

In Long Grass


Now as can be expected, the automower will have to be able to deal with quite a few obstacles in your garden such as trees, plants and trampolines. To show you how effective it is at dealing with these I find this video to be very useful, this particular owner has quite a lot of obstacles in his garden that you wouldn’t find in many so this gives the automower a good test.


As you might have noticed in the previous video, the owner had a particular bumpy and sloped lawn which you can suspect caused the mower a few problems. To show you just how well it deals with these (some of which are pretty big) the owner dedicated another video of the mower going up and down the garden.


Now even though the automower does take care of all the work, there are still some things you need to do to keep it working optimally. As with all mowers (not just robotic) grass builds up on the underside and blades get worn out so every now and then you’ll have do a bit of maintenance. To show what little work is required watch the video below.

Review of the Automower

I think for most people it can be difficult to imagine how these types of product can change their lifestyle, so because of this I thought it would be useful to show you a video of an owner expressing her feelings of the mower at the end of her season long trial (as part of the Husqvarna Automower Challenge).

Even though they aren’t perfect (yet!) I still love these robots and I’m sure you will too. If this series of videos has convinced you, or least pushed you a little further, to purchase a robotic lawn mower then please make sure you check out my reviews for the Husqvarna Automower models. Out of all the models available in the market right now, these in my opinion are the best you can buy. Their technology is just much more advanced and accurate than anyone else’s – they really do make lawn care effortless!

So take the first step now and have a read of my reviews.