Husqvarna Automower FAQ

Q. How do I change the blades on my Automower?

To change the blades, turn the mower off and wait for everything to stop. Wearing protective gloves, gently place the mower upside down.

Using a standard or Philips screwdriver loosen each screw that retains a blade, you will need to rotate the blade guard so that the hole lines up with each screw.

Replace each blade using a new screw and as you tighten it make sure the screw isn’t too tightly pressed against the blade, it should still move freely. With the screw tight the blade should still be able to swing.

For a video tutorial head to my Husqvarna Maintenance page.

Q. How long do the blades last, do they have to be sharpened and if so how often?

For optimal cutting performance, the blades will last up to a month before getting worn out and going blunt. But do not attempt to sharpen the blades yourself, instead replace them all with new ones (as well as the screws).

Q. Do I need to bring the Automower inside if it is raining?

The Automower is designed with the ability to mow in the rain or sunshine, night and day. But just make sure the weather conditions aren’t too bad or you could risking damage to your lawn.

When winter comes around you should take the mower back inside however, the combination of cold and wet weather could damage the automower.

Q. Does the Automower run all the time?

Because of its built in timer, the Automower can be scheduled to operate within certain hour ranges or just on certain days.

For example you could have it mow from 9 – 5 during weekdays, so it’s finished working when you get home, and then have it mow early in the morning and late at night during the weekends so you can enjoy the garden interrupted.

The Automower has the option of 2 daily timers, 2 weekend timers, and individual days.

Q. Can I program the Automower to run just at night?

Yes, the Automower can be programmed to mow only at night with no adverse effects.

This is not recommended if you are using the Solar Hybrid Automower. While this mower uses solar energy to supplement the main battery, the mower would operate but with a reduced mowing time and an extended charging time.

Q. What happens if the Automower is operating and we experience a power outage?

The Automower will stop where it is once it no longer has the boundary wire signal. Depending how long the power is out, you may have to manually restart the mower once power is restored.

Q. Can I wash my Automower?

It’s best to clean the mower, with it turned off of course, with a damp cloth (body) and brush (underside). While it is not encouraged, you can wash the body only with a gentle shower spray. Never use directed spray or a pressure washer, this could damage the mower.

For a video tutorial head to my Husqvarna Maintenance page.

Q. How often do I need to charge the battery on my Automower?

The automower will charge itself using its docking station whenever necessary

Q. I noticed during summer months the Automower doesn’t mow or charge as long is something wrong?

This is a normal reduction and will become longer again as the temperature cools as the colder months approach.

The on-board battery monitor, scales back the work time and the charge time in part based on ambient temperature for best battery health.

Q. I noticed sometimes my Automower isn’t cutting when it is moving, why?

As the Automower discharges to a certain voltage the blade automatically shuts off, and the mower starts searching for the charging base station. Once the Automower has recharged it will return to mowing.

Q. My Automower seems to be vibrating some and not cutting as well?

Please check the blades for damage and replace as needed.

Q. Do I have to put my security code in every time I open the access door?

If you are using a “Gen 2” 2003 (Big Red Stop button) model year and later, when you push the “STOP” button to open the door, if you will key in the first digit of your code key the alarm will not sound. If you do not get it keyed in time and the alarm sounds, you will need to put in the full security code to deactivate the alarm.