How to… Robomow RX Models

Below I have listed a range of different jobs you may have to do with a Robomow Rx model. To make it as clear as possible for you to understand exactly what you need to do, I’ve just posted the videos for each individual job.

Most jobs are usually caused by some sort of malfunction so you won’t have to do them on a regular basis. But still, I think they are worth knowing just in case. They do not necessarily affect your garden directly, however they will affect how your mower operates. And a poorly lawn mower can only lead to a poorly lawn, so I guess you could say they have an effect on your garden.

If at any point you have a problem that cannot be fixed using the points below then please go see a certified Robomow dealer. They will be able handle the situation properly and professionally. If you keep trying to fix it yourself you may cause even more damage to your mower and nobody wants that!

RX Models

How to Install Your RX Model:


How To Replace The Battery:


How to Replace Drive Wheels:


How to: Replace Drive Motor:



How to Replace Base Station Head:


How to Replace Blade:


How to Replace Wheel Cap:


How to Replace Battery Lockers:


How to Splice the Perimeter Wire:


How to Find a Break in the Perimeter Wire:

That should cover all the little jobs (by your own intention or when the mower has a problem) that you may need to handle over your mowers life. They are very easy to do once you know how. But please, and I stress this again, if anything is wrong with your mower which you do not understand, do not try and fix it yourself. You will probably do more bad than good.

You are much better contacting a nearby certified Robomow dealer and having them deal with it. They are professionally trained so will know the best way to tackle the problem and will do so without doing any damage. They may even give you advice on how to prevent the problem in the future.

This will probably cost you a small fee but it will be money well spent as it’s for the greater good – your garden!