Honda Miimo 310

Honda Miimo 310To keep your Miimo in the best shape possible you are required to do some work. But don’t worry I’m using the term ‘work’ loosely, these jobs are actually very easy to do and will only take about 5 minutes each. You just need to make sure you do everything correctly, if anything is done carelessly then it will only be your lawn that pays for it.

You will want to carry out all of these checks every month or at any point when you think something is wrong with the Miimo. If you can’t figure out the problem then contact your local Honda Miimo Dealer.

So make sure you follow my advice and your garden will look great throughout the entire year.

Cleaning the Mower

Make sure you are regularly cleaning your Miimo, this will not only stretch the mowers life but also improve its day-to-day operation. As the weather starts to get a little wetter, grass clippings will begin to clump together and gather all around the Miimos wheels and blades. Resulting in much shorter working times and much more power consumption.

All it takes is a few steps to fix the problem (or prevent it I mean). First put on a pair of protective gloves and flip the Miimo onto its back. So you can clearly see its underside.

Then begin pulling out all the loose pieces of grass around the wheels, the blades and blade disk. Make sure to watch your fingers because you will be dealing with blades. I mean you don’t want blood covering your beautiful, white Honda Miimo do you? (Kidding of course).

Once you’ve lifted out all the grass you can, begin scraping the dry pieces off using a dry brush. I promise this will be the only difficult (slightly) part of this process. Now tip the mower again so the wheels are down and give it a little shake. This should get out all the other bits of grass.

Now go fetch a bucket of water and a cloth and begin scrubbing what’s left of the underside and the body of the Miimo. But do not use a hose or a power cleaner for this part. The high pressure that these use could damage your mower.

And that’s all you need to do. You’re mower will look like a brand spanking new models afterwards, and will begin mowing like one as well.

Replacing the Blades

Honda Miimo Blades

Just like above, please wear a pair of protective gloves as you are dealing with blades.

So to start off, again you will need to flip the Miimo over onto its back. With a clear sight of the blades, go get a screwdriver and remove the screws that attach the blades. Once you’ve removed the blades, give the holes a little clean to remove any dust and grass that’s been leftover.

Now attach the new blades to the rotator disk – remember to replace the old screws as well, they are just as prone to damage as the blades. You want to attach the screws firmly to the disk but the blades must still be able to rotate in order to function properly.

And that’s it. Nice and easy, all done in a few simple steps.

When you need to stock up blades, make sure you check out Amazon. They give you the biggest selection and best prices.

Winter Preparation

So that your Miimo is safe during winter, please bring it and the docking station inside. They will not be able to cope with the cold and wet weather. Make sure they are stored in a cool and dry place, away from children and from frost. You can, however, leave the perimeter wire outside as it can cope fine in winter.

You will also want to clean and charge the mower before you store it away. So it is prepped and ready for the up and coming season ahead.

I also recommend you go see your local Honda Miimo dealer for a service before closing up. They will carry out all the necessary checks to make sure the mower is in the best working order. This may cost you some money but it’s worth having them do it right than you do it wrong. I mean it’s only your lawn that’ll pay for it and I know you don’t want that.

And that’s all you need to do. Keep up-to-date on all these jobs and test your mower regularly, this is the key to a healthy lawn mower and therefore a healthy lawn. Protection Status

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