To make sure this process goes correctly first time and takes no longer than it needs, please ask your dealer to do it for you. They are professionally trained so will make sure everything is done right first time. They may even give you some advice on whether this model suits your garden and what to watch out for in the future. It might cost you a little extra but is totally worth and will save you a great deal of time and stress.

But if you still want to know how to do this yourself then I’ll give you a rough overview of what you need to do.

  1. First you need to lay out the perimeter wire that came with your model. With this you section off all the areas you don’t want the Miimo to enter during a mow. Places such as flower beds, plants, and the patio and round the edges of you garden. While you’re laying this out, you can either do two things. You can use the pegs supplied by Honda to peg down the wire into the ground or, the more preferred option, bury it about a foot under the grass.
  2. Once you have the wire set out and secure, you need to attach it to the charging station and get that setup. Now this is probably the most difficult part of the procedure. And is mainly why you should have the dealer carry this out. But you pretty much need to make sure all he wiring is connected correctly, as well as the main power supply.
  3. Next you’ll need to program the Miimo using its Guide Wizard or control panel. This lets you adjust its cutting settings to suit your garden. Again a dealer can do this part for you.
  4. Now send the Miimo out on a test run. You’ll want to follow the mower as it drives around just incase it encounters any problems, of course you’ll need to make adjustments accordingly.
  5. If everything is okay and working properly then you’re good to go!

*And just a little more advice as your dealer may not tell you this. But when connecting all the wires, you need to run it along a groove along the underside of the charging station. Which is all good and is used by most models however this wire does have a tendency to fall out.

To prevent this use duct tape to cover the groove and keep the wire from falling out. This should save you a little frustration down the line and probably will help with keeping water away from the wire as well.*

But that’s pretty much it. This entire process probably will take just over an hour (maybe even 2 is you’re doing it yourself) so I may have made it sounds easier than it really is. And don’t lets this work put you off the robomower. In the long run it really isn’t a lot of work and the Miimo will easily make up for it, you just need to give it time. Protection Status

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