Gardena vs Worx Landroid – Which is Best?

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Choosing between robot mowers (or any lawn mower for that matter) can be difficult.

You need to consider and compare all of their features and then try to work out which one will work best in your garden without any hands on experience, this can be tough to say the least.

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you had a video that showed you two similar mowers being tested against one another within the same working area so you could see for yourself how they compare?

Well you’re in luck, that’s exactly what I’ve got for you just below.

In this video you’ll see a Gardena Robotic Lawnmower face off against a Worx Landroid Mower.

Both are very similar in price and are designed to cope with the same size of garden so not only is this a fair test but a very interesting one too.

Within it the following aspects are tested; the user interface; slope management; safety; complex garden capability; turf wear ; diagnostics; and its mowing efficiency, and you even get a rating of each mower at the end!

And there you have it, clearly the Worx Landroid is the superior model.

It has a more efficient navigation system, won’t wear out your turf, has an easier user interface, handles slopes much better and handles complex areas much more effectively.

To get the low down on all it’s features, functions and capabilities, make sure you head over to my Worx WG790E Landroid review and have a read.

4 thoughts on “Gardena vs Worx Landroid – Which is Best?

  1. Hello, I really liked your website. It makes it so much easier instead of using your huge lawn mower etc. Times definitely changing and with everything at our disposal , I’m glad something like this was invented. It is always good to have something that works just as great but a lot more convenient and easier. I wish you great success and I hope you reach your goals. Thanks again for sharing your website with us :).

    1. Glad you enjoyed the video Crystal, yeah times are changing and I’m sure these mowers will start growing in popularity over the UK and US just like they have in the rest of Europe. There’s definitely some exciting times ahead!

      Thanks for the comment 😉

  2. Hi just want say how good this lawn mower is at making your life easier . If they cut the grass (works) model then that is s what I want . Could you tell me the price difference for the mowers? The videos had a man speaking maybe German , but that is cool I understood the lady on the video . Thought all robot mowers were the same but this review proofs contrary .
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Yeah it must of been something like German, I couldn’t find any other video that showed you that good of a comparison in English but as long as you understand the lady then that’s fine.

      At the moment the Worx Landroid is sitting at £899.99, and the Gardena is sitting at £929.91. Just bare in mind that these prices could change in the future.

      Thanks for the comment John 😉

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