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Gardena R70Li Robot Mower Review

Gardena R70LiThe Gardena R70Li is very similar to the Flymo 1200R, in that they both have the same type of body and the same mowing features, but they do operate a little differently. To see how, click here to have read about its features and functions.

Gardena Sileno Review

Gardena Sileno ReviewFor those with gardens that are big in size and complex in shape, Gardena’s Sileno model is the built exactly for you. Its EasyPassage function, front & back sensors and random mowing style allow it to get into those tight and narrow spaces found around your lawn, and it max lawn capacity allow it to tackle large areas (up to 1000m²). To learn more about its features click here to read my review.

Gardena vs Worx LandroidGardena vs Worx Landroid – Which is Best?

To show you which style and make of robotic mower is best, check out this comparison between Worx Landroid and Gardena models. From a pricing perspective both of these are very similar, but what about quality? To see which provides more value for money, click here to have a read at the post.

Gardena Installation Process

To make sure your Gardena model works to its full potential, you need to install it properly in your lawn. So that you know how read through this tutorial and watch the video.

Gardena FAQ

If you have questions or queries about any of the Gardena models then make sure you check out this page. I’ve gathered a series of Gardena’s FAQ’s to give you a place to find your answers, click here to check it out.

Gardena Maintenance

So that your Gardena model is kept in prime condition and produces the best cut it possibly can, you will need to keep it properly maintained. Learn how to right here.