Flymo 1200R Review

Flymo 1200R – In Real Life

Now it’s difficult to understand exactly how a robotic lawn mower will work within your garden with just the help of a written review and manufacturer made videos (which to be honest are just focusing on the bot’s positive points!). With these it still seems as if you need to take a little leap of faith to actually purchase the mower. As you can imagine I’m not happy about this, these really are great machines and they actually will change your lifestyle for the better. But if all you need is a little push then I’ll happily be the one to do it!

On this page I’ve embedded a few videos to show you how a Flymo 1200R robotic lawn mower would operate in your garden and how it would affect your lifestyle. Now with the lack content available on YouTube, I only managed to find four videos that would provide any real value to you but I still think they’re all worth the watch – the first one especially.

Unboxing and Installation

To give you a good idea of what it would be like when you first receive a Flymo 1200R mower, this video is great. It’s a good length (17 minutes) and gives you an overview of all the parts you get within the box, a little show of the mower itself and what will be required of you during the installation process. You’ll also be shown a little bit of how it will operate during it’s first mow.


Now even though this video may be short, it does give you a good look at how it will move around your garden (and the pace it does this at), how it will deal with any edges in your garden and how it will handle obstacles in your garden (in this case a wall). Even though you could see these within a common Flymo promotional video, you get a more realistic image in your head of how it will operate in your own garden with this video.

Long Grass

As with everyone, I’m expecting you’ll leave your grass to grow a little too long after hiding the mower away in your shed over the winter. This is completely understandable and because of this you’ll probably want to know how the 1200R copes with long grass.

Well the video below does just that. The mower doesn’t seem to struggle moving around and it does look like it take a few inches off each blade of grass.


To be honest this isn’t the best video but it does show you how the mower finds its docking station and gives you some nifty ideas for the type of garage you could make for it.

Hopefully this series of videos has given you a good idea of what the Flymo 1200R Robotic Lawnmower be like in your garden but if you have any questions then please leave them below and I’ll do my best to help you out!