To get your Bosch Indego mower up and running in your garden, you need to make sure it’s installed properly. This is a fairly simple process to carry out, and hopefully won’t take you too long to complete, but if done incorrectly then it will affect how well your mower operates.

That’s why I recommend that you get your dealer to carry it out. They’re professionally trained so will make sure everything is done correctly and might even give you some advice for operating the mower in your garden. It might cost you a little more but seeing it ensures your mower will work properly, it’s totally worth it.

But this is up to you to decide so make sure you read the overview and watch the video below to understand what you’ll be required to do.

  1. Clear your garden of any twigs, rocks and other obstacles. So the mower doesn’t bump into anything.
  2. Find a place for the docking station and nail it to the ground. This should be somewhere flat, near an outdoor power supply and with a lot of space.
  3. Lay the perimeter wire around the edges of your garden and peg it in place. This tells the mower where it can and can’t go.
  4. Once you’ve went all the way round, attach the wire to the station and plug the station into the power supply. Now you’ll charge the mower so it can be ready for the first mow.
  5. Adjust the mower setting to suit you. These are things like the mowing height and its mowing schedule.
  6. Send the mower out on its first run. As it’s new to your lawn the mower will run along the boundary wire until it reaches the docking station again. The mower will then measure its working area and then calibrate a mowing route according to it.
  7. Send the mower out on its first proper mow. Protection Status

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