Bosch Indego FAQ


Q. Do I need to bury the perimeter wire?

You don’t have to bury the perimeter wire as it is designed to be installed on the surface of the ground. However, over time grass growth will naturally bury the wire.

Q. Once I have installed the docking station and perimeter wire, what do I need to do next?

The first thing the Indego needs to do is map the lawn area. This means it will drive around the perimeter wire, creating a map in its memory of the lawn area shape. Doing so enables the Logicut navigation system to then calculate the most efficient route to mow.

Q. What do I do with ponds, flower beds or trees?

These areas need to be marked out with the perimeter wire so that the Indego can avoid them. This is done by running the perimeter wire from the edge of the cutting area, round the flowerbed/tree (leaving 35 cm of space), then returning the wire back to the edge of the lawn.

When running the wire from the edge of the cutting area to loop round the flowerbed/tree the wire returning to the edge of the cutting area must be within 1 cm of the other wire. Note – The distance between flowerbeds/trees and the perimeter wire is 35 cm however, this is increased to 70 cm for ponds.

Q. How do I set up the mowing schedule?

To set up a mowing schedule using the display screen select Menu > Schedule Info > Change Schedule. You then can select from one of the five custom schedules. This will allow you to choose which days and at which times you would like the Indego to run.

Q. How do I switch my Indego on for the first time?

Insert the red isolator key into the underside of the Indego and turn it through 180 degrees. Once this has been done, place the machine into the docking station and press any of the six buttons that sit either side of the display screen.

The Indego will switch on and you will then need to select your preferred language, select your region, set the PIN number and set the time/date. The Indego will then show a ‘Follow Wire’ option on the display screen. Select this and follow the on-screen instructions.
Once the cutting area has been mapped the Indego is ready to cut the grass. Press ‘Mow Now’ to commence mowing.

Positioning the docking station.

The docking station should ideally be positioned at the edge of the cutting area. The charging contact pins must point left (when looking at the docking station from the middle of the cutting area).

Please also check the following points: Make sure that the ground under the docking station is level. Also check that there is at least 1.5 m of straight wire on the side where the Indego enters the station and at least 1 m of straight wire on the side behind the signal tower.
To see how to do this correctly, head over to the Bosch Indego Review page, here you’ll find a video taking you through the entire installation process.



Q. What is the maximum recommended height of grass the Indego should be used on?

The Indego’s cutting system is designed to manage a maximum grass height of 100 mm. If the grass is longer than 100 mm it is recommended to use a conventional lawnmower first in order to reduce the grass length to within the maximum recommended level.

Q. How does Logicut work?

After activating the Indego it reverses out of the docking station and heads off to commence cutting. Whenever the Indego starts a new cutting session it will always head off at a different angle from the docking station in order to prevent tracks appearing on the lawn. The mower will travel for 5 seconds from the dock before the cutter motor starts as a safety requirement.

When it has completed its first cutting area or when it senses the perimeter wire, it moves to another part of the lawn that hasn’t yet been cut. The mower cuts in lanes of up to a maximum of 10 m up to 25 lanes (it depends upon shape and size of your garden).
Whilst travelling to a new cutting area, the Indego switches off the cutting blades in order to save power. It continues this process until the lawn is finished.

Q. How fast does the Indego travel?

0.45 m/s, or roughly 1.6 km/h. The Indego slows down when it approaches the docking station.

Q. As the Indego doesn’t have a grass box, what happens to the grass that has been cut?

The Indego’s cutting blades are designed to cut the grass into small pieces (3-5 mm). These pieces fall down to the lawn’s base and gradually decompose, in doing so fertilising the lawn with nutrients.

Q. What is the noise level of the Indego during operation?

The guaranteed sound power level is 75 dB (A). The measured sound power level is 72 dB (A).

Q. Can the Indego cut the grass in rainy conditions?

Yes, although it is better for the lawn to be cut in dry conditions. It is also recommended to store the Indego inside during winter conditions.

Q. Now that I have an Indego, will I still need a conventional lawnmower?

Before installing it for the first time (or after a winter break), you may need to prepare your lawn using a conventional lawnmower. You need to make sure that the maximum grass height of the main lawn area is no more than 40 mm. The perimeter wire area will need to be cut to a maximum grass height of 20 mm.

Q. Once I have installed the perimeter wire, am I still able to rake and scarify the lawn?

It is strongly advised that you do not rake or scarify directly over the perimeter wire as this may lead to the wire being cut, even if the wire is pegged down well and covered with grass. However, doing so away from the perimeter wire (including any in-lawn objects marked by wire) should not have any adverse affects.

Q. What size of lawn can be covered by the Indego in one charge?

The Indego will cut approximately 200 sqm (+/- 20%) in 50 minutes. Coverage depends upon the complexity of the lawn area as trees and other features that block the Indego’s route will reduce efficiency.

Q. How does the Indego manage battery life?

The Indego manages its own charging periods (rather than the user) ensuring that battery life is optimised.


Q. What happens if there is an object left on the lawn e.g. a child’s toy or a wheelbarrow?

In such circumstances the Indego will recognise that it has bumped into an object, reverse and then drive around it. The Indego’s shell is designed so that it will deflect and not damage objects on the lawn when it bumps into them.

Q. What happens if the lawnmower is lifted up during operation? What happens if the lawnmower turns over?

The Indego has sensors to detect if it turns over. Once this has been detected the cutting system stops within 2 seconds.

Q. What happens if I forget my PIN code?

If you have forgotten or lost your PIN code, you will have to return the Indego and its docking station to a Bosch Service Centre to be unlocked. Please contact your dealer or Bosch (see the instruction manual for details).

Q. Can children play on the lawn whilst the Indego is working?

Yes. However, children should always be supervised to ensure that they do not play near or with the machine, the docking station or the power supply.