Husqvarna 105

On this page you’ll find a series of videos that you may find interesting. They are not intended to help you with any problems that you may encounter, in fact I don’t think any of them will, but they will give an insight to how your Husqvarna automower works.

I hope you learn something new from these videos and that you enjoy them!

Installing the Terrain Kit

Now this will not apply to everyone but I thought I’d add it in any way to make sure you all know how to do it. This can be quite difficult to do especially the first time and when you’re only using a manual. So because of that I’ve decided just to show you a video explaining how to do it instead of me just writing it.

For those with a 310/315 model, the video below is for you…

And to those with a 450 model, the video below is for you…


Changing the Top Cover

Now this is not a necessity and you won’t have to do this every year, you’ll only really need to change the top cover if your current one gets broken (which is very unlikely). Or of course if you have a sudden change in taste and want to give your automower a different look. No matter what the reason is I thought I’d add it in anyway so you knew how to do it properly.


Understanding How the GPS System Works

This video shows you exactly how GPS assisted mowing helps your automower to cover every square inch of your lawn. It isn’t neccessary that you know I just you might find it interesting.


Understanding the Weather Timer

As most owners probably already know, Husqvarna mowers can alter its mowing style according to the time of year. Again this isn’t neccessary for you to know, it’s just something I thought you’d enjoy watching.


Using the Husqvarna App

So you know how to set up, use and understand all of its features, I’ve embeded a video below telling you all about the Husqvarna App.

Hopefully you will take something away from these videos, they may not be neccessary but I think it’s important to understand how everything works, so you can fully appreciate the benefit of housing a Husqvarna Automower. Protection Status

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