If you’ve got a lawn that ranges between 2000 – 6000m² in size then you’ll want to pay attention to this list, here I will be showing you the two models which I think are the best fit for your type of garden. Thanks to the fine design and manufacturing of the two biggest players in the market, these mowers are efficient, reliable and have various useful user features which make lawn care not only super easy but also relaxing – which is why I rate them so highly!

Now I understand that not all huge gardens are the same, in most cases they’ll be different in terms of shape and slope which means not all robotic mowers are compatible with all types of lawns. Not only that but not all home owners will have the same needs, so while some want nothing to do with lawn care, and want to spend as little time on the lawn as possible, others just want to reduce the workload they’re required to do, possible because of any injury which makes the job more difficult. This all affects the type of mower they would choose which is why I am recommending two different models instead of just one.

Also, to make it clear which model is best for you I’ll explain which type of individual is best suited to each model and why. Hopefully this should should clear up any confusion you have with which model to choose.

Best Robotic Lawn Mowers For Huge GardensModel #1 – Husqvarna 450X

Thanks to its accurate navigation system, the 450X will hardly ever need your assistance while it’s out on a mow. The model is not only guided by on-board sensors and its boundary wire, it also has various other components (GPS-assisted navigation, remote object detection and triple guide wires primarily) which improve its understanding of the shape of your lawn and make it more aware of the obstacles that are within it. These therefore allow the 450X to roam around your garden much more effectively than anyone else, and also give you much fewer problems to deal with.

But these features don’t only make for easier lawn care on your part but also make for much better lawn coverage. For most models would struggle reaching and navigating out of difficult and tight spaces, some might not even bother trying to cut the grass here at all so they’d leave you to do it yourself.

For those that don’t want to do any lawn work at all this can be a real hassle which is why I think the 450X is best suited to them. I imagine they’ll have some other things they’d much rather be doing instead of lawn work which makes the 450Xs weather timer, mowing schedule, mobile app and lack of assistance just what they need. Everything can be set up and managed using their phone and if anything needs changed due to the weather conditions the mower can do this for them.

With the 450X you don’t even need to be home to have complete control of your lawn. To have a better look at this model have read at my review of its features right here.

Model #2 – Robomow RS625

Best Robotic Lawn Mowers For Huge GardensNow if you want to have a little more interaction with your lawn mower then this model will be better for you, it has a few more user features that you can play about with – one being able to control the mowers movement like a toy car using your phone. But don’t worry that doesn’t mean it’ll get itself into loads of trouble, like the 450X it has very intelligent navigation and shouldn’t require any assistance getting in and out of tight spots.

Although that isn’t the RS625’s biggest selling point, it’s its ability to adapt and cope with complex gardens that other mowers (not just robotic) would struggle with. This is down to a number of very useful features that Robomow have incorporated into all of their models. For example the floating deck feature allows its blades to move up and down so that it can follow the level of the grass as it goes over little bumps and hollows. This ensures you get a perfectly even cut without having to get the trimmers out and go over these areas again yourself.

Of course this isn’t the only feature it has which promotes a better mow, it also has different mowing modes which alter its mowing pattern and operation and it has a multi-zone feature which allows it manage up 7 different lawn areas during the same mow. If you have a more uniquely shaped garden and are interested in having some interaction with your robotic lawn mower, then I recommend you have a read of my review of the Robomow RS625 model. In my opinion it’s the best model for you so make sure to check it out!