Ambrogio L30 Elite

Ambrogio FAQ

Pre-Purchase Considerations

Q. Do I need to adapt my garden to Ambrogio Robot?

No the mower will adapt to your garden. You only need to remove stones or any objects on the grass, and fill in any holes in order not to hinder the mowers functionality.

Q. Can Ambrogio Robot work on any ground surface?

Yes it moves effectively over any ground surface, including slopes. Under optimal ground conditions, it can manage gradients up to 55%. The wheels of Ambrogio Robot are designed to increase their grip if the ground is slippery. For more info check out the “Preparation and marking the boundaries of the work areas” section within the user manual.

Q. Can Ambrogio Robot cut all types of grass?

Yes the mower cuts any type of grass in residential gardens, even thick or wet grass. It can be programmed to work at night or in the early morning so that you can enjoy your garden during the day.


Q. Can the Ambrogio Robot cut more than one area of lawn?

Ambrogio Robot can manage up to a maximum of 4 working areas: these include the main area where the recharging base is positioned and up to maximum 3 secondary areas corresponding to areas of lawn adjoining the main area. Make sure you check the “Technical information” section within the user manual to check the exact number of areas your Ambrogio Robot can manage.

Q. Do I need to collect the grass after the Ambrogio Robot has cut it?

No it’s not necessary to collect or dispose of grass clippings. Every day, the mower cuts a few millimetres of grass. The clippings are left on the ground and act as a natural fertilizer for your lawn.

Q. Is the perimeter wire fed by a signal when the mower is in the charging station?

No when the robot returns to the charging station, no signal is transmitted so as to optimise energy consumption.

Q. Can the Ambrogio Robot recharge itself?

Yes the mower gives a warning when the batteries need to be recharged, and it autonomously returns to the recharging base.

Q. How does the Ambrogio Robot work?

The robot mower works according to programmed work intervals and alternates cutting cycles with recharging. For even grass cutting, it proceeds and rebounds in the area marked by the boundary wire. To optimize cutting, it adopts a spiral movement where the grass is taller or thicker.

Installation and Programming

Q. Can a new object be added to my garden after the Ambrogio Robot has been installed?

Yes however, you need to assess whether the mower will hit the new obstacle or whether it will be necessary to modify installation to include it in the perimeter. Your local Ambrogio Robot dealer will provide additional wire during installation so that the boundary wire can be quickly adapted to further changes and avoid joins.

Q. Can I purchase an Ambrogio Robot with my neighbour so that it can work in more than one garden?

Yes but only if the gardens are adjoining and there are no steps between the two gardens. Ask your local Ambrogio Robot dealer to evaluate this specific case. For communal grass cutting, it is necessary to assess the total surface area of the gardens where the Ambrogio Robot will work in order to choose the best version.

Q. Will the boundary wire of the Ambrogio Robot interfere with outdoor lighting/gate/irrigation/alarm?

Not normally. To avoid any interference, however, it is always advisable to install the recharging base in a position away from automatic gates, power boxes for lighting or automatic irrigation of the garden. For more info check the section in the user manual entitled “Planning of system installation”.

Q. Can Ambrogio Robot recognise benches, deckchairs or other objects on the grass?

Yes, provided that these objects are over 10cm high. The Ambrogio Robot will approach and gently touch an obstacle in order to cut the grass around it and will then proceed to cut in a different direction. The Ambrogio Robot will not damage and cannot be damaged.

Q. Can the Ambrogio Robot recognise trees, low bushes and flower beds in my garden?

Yes any objects you prefer the Ambrogio Robot not to collide with must be surrounded by boundary wire, laid according to the instructions in the section in the operating manual entitled “Preparation and marking the boundaries of the work areas”. The Ambrogio Robot will move to the edge of the wire, and then proceed in a different direction.

Q. How should the Ambrogio Robot be programmed?

You must access the programming menu using the controls on the display in order to select the days and the times you want Ambrogio Robot to work. Make sure you check out the table of tips in the section in the user manual entitled “Work schedules – Programming mode”. You can contact your local Ambrogio Robot dealer for further advice.

Q. Can I install the Ambrogio Robot by myself?

Yes just follow the detailed instructions in the operating manual. In any case, your local Ambrogio Robot dealer is at your service if you should need any tips or if you prefer Ambrogio Robot to be directly installed professionally in your garden.

Q. How is the Ambrogio Robot installed?

The Ambrogio Robot works in an area marked by a boundary wire positioned around the edge of your garden. The wire is attached to the ground using plastic fixing nails, or it can be buried. The beginning and the end of the wire are connected to the recharging base, which is connected to a power outlet.

Q. Can I protect Ambrogio Robot from theft or from unauthorised use?

Yes the Ambrogio Robot can be protected by a 4-digit PIN code and cannot be started up or its programming menu accessed without the PIN code, therefore third parties cannot use Ambrogio Robot. Please see the section in the user manual entitled “Safety – Programming mode”.

Q. Can I control my Ambrogio Robot from my mobile phone?

Yes the alert module allows Ambrogio Robot to communicate with 2 mobile phone numbers and send a report of its daily work via SMS.

Q. How does Ambrogio Robot react to a power failure?

If there is an electrical power failure, the mower will perceive the absence of the boundary wire. It will stop and wait for the power to be restored so that it can resume its work.

Q. Can Ambrogio Robot work in the rain?

Yes the Ambrogio Robot can cut while it is raining, however, to prevent it from getting too dirty we recommend activating the rain sensors because cutting wet grass may damage the lawn: Ambrogio Robot will return to the recharging base and will wait for the next work cycle. For more information see the section in the user manual entitled “Settings – Programming mode”.

Q. Can Ambrogio Robot work in all weather conditions?

Yes the Ambrogio Robot is designed to work at an ambient temperature from -10 to + 50°C, a range that is much wider than the growth rate of grass.

Q. What will happen if the blade of Ambrogio Robot hits a stone?

The safety devices will stop the Ambrogio Robot from working if it should hit a stone. Check that the blade is not damaged and replace it if necessary. Check the section in the operating manual entitled “Robot safety stop” and “Blade replacement” for more information. Ambrogio recommend that you regularly check that no stones or objects have been accidentally left on the lawn.

Q. Can I stop Ambrogio Robot if necessary?

Yes the Ambrogio Robot comes with a red emergency stop button with the wording “STOP” in an accessible and easily identifiable position. If lifted, Ambrogio Robot and the blade will stop.


Q. What should I do with Ambrogio Robot in winter?

Take advantage of the winter to take Ambrogio Robot to your local Ambrogio Robot dealer for its annual maintenance, which is recommended in the warranty booklet. Please see the section in the operating manual entitled “Prolonged inactivity and restarting”, which explains how to store Ambrogio Robot and its recharging base.

Q. How much power does the Ambrogio Robot consume?

The monthly consumption of Ambrogio Robot is considerably less than the fuel consumption required to use a petrol-driven lawn mower.

Q. How long will the Ambrogio Robot blade last?

The blade will last for many years, unlike normal cutters used with lawn mower robots that need to be frequently replaced. Please contact your local Ambrogio Robot dealer to sharpen the blade.

Q. Which parts of the Ambrogio Robot can I replace on my own?

If, after many working cycles, you notice that it is necessary to replace the blade, you can follow the simple instructions in the section in the operating manual entitled “Blade replacement”. In a few minutes, you can make Ambrogio Robot fully operational again. Ambrogio recommend using only original Ambrogio Robot blades. Please contact your local Ambrogio Robot dealer for the replacement or maintenance of other parts.

Q. Which parts of the Ambrogio Robot need to be checked?

The blade and the wheels because they are more exposed to dirt and wear and tear. Check and remove any oxidization from the battery charger knobs and from the recharging base plates of Ambrogio Robot. It will only take a few minutes to ensure complete efficiency for your Ambrogio Robot.

If you have any other questions or queries that have not been answered here then head over to the Ambrogio Support page.