Amazon Basics 18 Inch 5 Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower Review

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Amazon Basics 18 Inch 5 Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower
Performance/Cut Quality
What I Like
A generous grass catcher bag 6.6 gallons
Rust-resistant design
4 cutting heights
16-inch cutting width
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Amazon Basics Mower Review

Back in the day, push reel mowers were a real challenge to use and after the dawn of the electric lawn mower, many people turned away from their manual counterparts. But over time, the push reel mower has undergone some impressive changes. There are now many on the market that are incredibly easy to push and deliver an excellent cut quality.

With this in mind, I’ve tested a few pull reel mowers and today, I’d like to talk about the Amazon Basics 18 Inch 5 Blade Push Reel mower. I tried this mower on my front lawn and I have to say that I was really impressed with how well it performed.

Yes, there is a lot of tech available these days but sometimes, getting back to basics is a real pleasure and that’s certainly the case with the Amazon Basics 18 Inch 5 Blade Push Reel mower. In this review, I’ll be exploring the features and giving you my thoughts on how this nifty little mower performed on my lawn.

Main Features

  • 18 inch cutting deck
  • Padded handles
  • Grass box included
  • 4 cutting heights
  • Large rubber wheels

Amazon Basics Push Reel Lawn Mower Video Review


Deck & Blades


The Amazon Basics Push Reel mower comes with an 18 inch cutting deck which is significantly large for this type of lawn mower. Typically, push reel mowers come with no more than a 14 inch deck so those extra 4 inches make this one ideal for medium to large lawns. That said, there is a smaller, 14 inch model available if you have a smaller yard but this doesn’t come with a grass catcher.

If you check out my Amazon Basics Push Reel mower review over on YouTube, you’ll see that I tested this model out on my 1000 square feet front lawn and I had no issues whatsoever. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that you could easily cover double that area and still have no problems.

Set in the cylinder are five super sharp blades that do a fantastic job of cutting the grass without ripping or tearing. This means that your lawn will remain healthy and that mowing won’t create too much stress for it.

I should warn you that the blades are set in the factory so, when you take the Amazon Basics 18 Inch Push Reel mower out of the box, there’s no need to adjust them. In fact, I’d estimate that you won’t need to fiddle with them for at least a year or two.

In order to properly care for your new mower, I’d recommend moving it in reverse when traveling over concrete, gravel, or any other material that isn’t grass. This prevents the blade from turning and will therefore stop it from sustaining any damage.


Amazon Basics Push Reel Height

When I took the Amazon Basics mower out of the box, it came in a few pieces which meant that I had to attach the handles. But if you don’t like the idea of assembly, don’t run away just yet.

I was delighted to find that the user manual was one of the clearest and most easy to understand I’ve ever seen. What’s more, the two handles (and their base) attached incredibly quickly and required no tools. Even for someone with no mower assembly experience, this would be a very easy job. You can get full instructions on how to put everything together in my YouTube review.

What I also really liked was that the handles come with padding. I think this is essential when using a push mower as, without padding, the metal can chafe on your skin and make mowing uncomfortable. So, while this is a small touch, it’s definitely a welcome one.

Height Adjustment

Considering that this is an extremely affordable and simple lawn mower, it’s nice to see that the Amazon Basics Push Reel mower comes with a choice of four cutting heights. These range between 0.98 inches and 1.97 inches so it’s pretty versatile. That said, Amazon does advise that you don’t use this mower on grass that is longer than 4 inches; the blades simply wouldn’t be able to handle it.

However, if you’re looking for something that’ll help you to easily maintain your lawn, then this selection of cutting heights will be more than enough.

Adjusting the cutting height is done by simply undoing a bolt and moving a small roller up or down, as required. This is just as quick and easy as the assembly of the Amazon Basics mower so there’s no messing around before you can get the job done.

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Grass Collection Box

What I really like about this Push Reel mower is that it comes with a grass catcher. I have tested out a few push reel mowers and they don’t all come with a grass catcher which means that the clippings fly everywhere and leave you with a mess to clean up.

This is a cloth grass catcher which is great if you’re looking for something that’s easy to store. It’ll fold completely flat and can be slotted into any space in the garage or shed.

During testing, I found the grass catcher to be very effective. I have tried some other push reel mowers that did a terrible job of catching the clippings but this one collected them all.


One of the things that really caught my eye about this Push Reel mower were the large rubber wheels. At 10 inches, they provide excellent stability so manoeuvring the lawn mower is a breeze; another characteristic that makes it perfect for a larger lawn.

A lot of push reel mowers come with plastic wheels so seeing that the Amazon Basics mower comes with rubber wheels was a real delight. This material provides far greater traction so makes this model perfect for use on damp lawn.


Amazon Basics Push Reel Practicalities

The most obvious practical benefit of the Amazon Push Reel mower is how easy it is to use and maintain. There’s no need to worry about gas, oil, or ongoing maintenance as you would with a gas mower and you don’t need to remember to charge any batteries like you would with a cordless model.

What’s more, push reel mowers are eco friendly and quiet so you’re doing your bit for the planet (and your neighbours’ ears!)

Weighing 11.57 kg, you might say that the Amazon mower is heavy. However, it can be easily wheeled across all surfaces (in reverse, as I mentioned earlier) so there’s no need to strain your back lifting it.

As you’ll be able to see in my YouTube video, the Amazon Basins 18 Inch 5 Blade Push Reel mower delivered an excellent cut quality. Thanks to the sharp blades, you get a scissor-like cut that’s really good for the health of your lawn. I also noticed during testing, how easy this model was to push. If you’re remembering the days of a push reel mower that gives you a real work-out, think again. The mower is smooth and manoeuvrable and I found it a real pleasure to use.

Amazon Basics Push Reel Mower User Manual Download

Click here to access the Amazon Basics Hand Push Lawnmower User Manual

What’s included in the box?

  • 1 x Amazon Basins 18 Inch 5 Blade Push Reel mower
  • Handles
  • Handle padding
  • Nuts and bolts for assembly
  • Grass catcher
  • User manual

Pros and Cons

  • Sharp, clean cut

  • Cuts lawns up to and beyond 1000 square feet
  • Easy to assemble
  • Large rubber wheels
  • Good choice of cutting heights
  • No frills which may not be suitable for all users


Should You Buy This Model?

Amazon Basics Push Reel Practicalities

The Amazon Basins 18 Inch 5 Blade Push Reel mower is an excellent choice for people who are looking for reliability and simplicity. Being a basic lawn mower, you won’t need to worry about complex mowing modes or advanced features, you can simply get outside, cut the grass, and get on with your day.

I think the mower would be perfect for anyone that likes to stay on top of lawn maintenance as it’s ideal for regular use. Plus, if you’re pushed for time and need to be able to mow the lawn, regardless of the conditions, the ability to use this model on damp grass will be a welcome feature.

Since more and more people are keen to use eco-friendly yard tools, the Amazon Push Reel mower is a great way to dip your toes in the water. With no fumes, no noise, and no fuel, this model is easy to maintain and kind to the environment.


With robotic lawn mowers and advanced tech taking over the market, I thought it was time that I brought it back to basics and I’m so glad that I did. Having tested the Amazon Basins mower, I can say with certainty that this is an excellent tool that’s user-friendly and reliable.

While the features are minimal, it does what it promises; cuts your lawn evenly and neatly without stress to the grass.

I really like that the Amazon Basins Push Reel mower is so easy to assemble and moves around the lawn smoothly and freely. If you thought that a push reel mower would be difficult to use, give the Amazon Push Reel mower a try and you won’t be disappointed.

Where Should I Purchase This Model?

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Amazon Basics 18-Inch 5-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower with Grass Catcher, Blue
  • Precise 5-blade (18-inch cutting width) push reel lawn mower with durable 10 inch rubber wheels for maximum maneuverability
  • Manual push reel mower with an adjustable blade height of 0.98-1.97 inches with scissor-action cut. Mower can cut up to grass that is 4 inches tall, and not effective on taller grass.
  • Blades are made of heat-treated alloy steel that stays sharp for long service life
  • Push lawn mower is environmentally friendly and does not require oil or gas, perfect alternative to a gas-powered push mower
  • Push lawn mower that is low maintenance, lightweight, and easy to use
  • Push lawn mower with collection bag allows you to collect grass when using it to prevent grass from being strewn across the lawn

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